Off the coast of Eilat caught several blue-gray shark

Off the coast of Eilat caught several blue-gray shark

In the last week in the northern beach of Eilat fishermen caught several blue-gray porbeagle. Sharks of this family have pointed snout, fusiform body and are considered some of the most rapid marine predators.

Local fishermen talk about that in the area of the northern beach, they saw a couple of three-meter marine predators, as well as a dozen smaller individuals. Sharks follow fishing boats to shore, attracted by the fish caught in a net.

Of marine predators noted that sharks of this family are skilled hunters, but the man is not for them, "gastronomic interest." The basis of their diet of tuna, this site Ynet said Avi Baranes, an expert on sharks from the Institute of Marine Research in Eilat.

Avi Baranes also noted that sharks can eat carcasses of animals discharged from ships. In particular, he pointed out that the reason for accumulation of sharks, which was observed in the area of Eilat, a few years ago, have become frozen beef carcasses that are thrown into the sea the crew of a foreign vessel.

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