Off the coast of Sweden, there was an earthquake of magnitude 4.4

Earthquake in Kattegatt strait between the south-west coast of Sweden and Denmark took place early Monday morning, soobschaetRadio Sweden.

The strongest tremors of magnitude 4.4, recorded at 60 kilometers west of the coast of the Swedish town of Halmstad.

"We woke up at five in the morning on what was shaking the whole house. Walls creaked. We did not have time to check whether there were cracks" — told in an interview with Swedish news agency TT witnesses Anna and Mathias Elm in the Swedish city of Ängelholm, which is the area of the earthquake.

Swedish seismologist from the University of Uppsala, Rainier Bedvarsson commenting Radio Sweden incident, said that such an earthquake to the country are rare, and they occur about once a decade.

"Jerks at sea, away from the buildings. For our conditions tremors seem palpable, but it's a major earthquake can not be named. Houses from such shocks are not damaged," — said the scientist.

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