Old Slavic games and amusements, Old Game

Historical past and the development of Kievan Rus is the Belle Epoque, glorified, our people and our land for the whole world. Such popularity is not accidental, as Kievan Rus, from the second millennium, was considered one of the most advanced and largest centers — cultural, diplomatic, trade.

In the modern world for the transmission of medieval grandeur created was "Park Kievan Rus', which became the center of history and culture of the Slavic peoples. Regularly held in the mass cultural and historical events, traditional festivals and ancient game.

It also held a variety of games and the Old Slavic Old Slavic fun, according to a centuries-old tradition. Particularly appreciated are the Old Slavic fun as horse riding, archery, a celebration of Carnival, etc.

Old Russian games differ in their activity. One of the most popular games and entertainments are fisticuffs "wall to wall". This tradition is maintained for several centuries, keeping the spirit of confrontation neighboring villages, districts and towns. As a rule, before Silushka competed exclusively in conducting fair festivities. Tradition has survived to this day. And in a nutshell, the old Russian game focused not only on physical development, but also on the development of logic, strategy.

Another great old Russian game — a bat. It is a team event with a ball and bat. This ancient game was known in Russia as early as the tenth century and is considered the archetype of modern cricket and baseball. Also in the park can watch the fisticuffs — another ancient Slavic fun. Such games of Ancient Russia is carried out in "Park Kievan Rus', preserving and passing on the true spirit of confrontation, as well as the traditions of the Slavic peoples.

These and other early games allow participants to feel the adrenaline derived from the mass of the battle. So, look for like-minded people and take an active part in this exciting event, retained the true spirit and tradition of the Slavic peoples.

In the Park are also other games of ancient Russia, which also combines the national spirit. Staying here will be a real treat for you, where you can completely escape from the everyday hustle and hassle of the modern world. Here reigns amazing atmosphere of the ancient city, just in the past.

Step back into the world of medieval feast. Experience the full range of feelings to yourself, and know how it's fine to find yourself in another world, as if moved by many centuries in the past!

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