Omsk refinery has suspended work due to withdrawal of permission for emissions

Omsk Refinery (LFS) "Gazprom Neft" will not suspend because of the reviews it Rosprirodnadzor emission permits, the company intends to eliminate the agency comments and have her permission, told RIA Novosti the LFS.

Regional RPN on Thursday reported that an inspection has decided to withdraw from the Omsk oil refinery "Gazprom Neft" permission for the release of harmful substances into the atmosphere. According to the agency, while checking on the LFS "Gazprom Neft" experts Rosprirodnadzor revealed multiple violations of the law, including waste management, non-compliance with environmental requirements for operation of waste disposal facilities, violation of the land laws and the violation of water legislation.

"Suspension of emissions permits Omsk refinery will not affect the production process and the production output of the plant. Eliminate identified observations already under way, after the completion of these works Omsk refinery will revert to the supervisory authorities for the resumption of emission permits", — told RIA Novosti in the service of corporate Communications LFS.

Earlier refinery failed to appeal to the Court of Arbitration of the fine of 20 thousand rubles for the release of catalyst dust in August. In addition, the LFS was fined 20,000 rubles for the fact that the company did not warn the agency about the incident emissions. Catalyst for the release in October, the plant also received a fine of $ 66 thousand.

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