On November 9, the U.S. is going to test emergency alert nationwide

Broadcasting stops throughout the United States for 3 minutes, 22.00 Moscow time to check the warning system emergencies.

All of this is presented as a matter of course. But fans of conspiracy theories do not be fooled.

All sorts of tests — a favorite undercover. Official tests were conducted during September 11. Official tests were conducted during the subway bombings in London. We can only guess what is going to stir them.

Test systems Emergency Alert conducted on TV and radio constantly and stopped broadcasting. Why stop up all TV and radio across the country?

These tests are conducted from a few seconds to several minutes.

A similar event is being held for the first time in the history of alert services since 1963. Why now?

Usually these tests beforehand. But until about November 9 no one says — no TV or radio. In my view, on such activities, people should be informed well in advance and all, to avoid panic. But so far no one warned.


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