On the Oregon coast discovered strange metal boxes


First a mysterious metallic object was found on the West Coast on February 6. Since then found more than a dozen of these gizmos. What it is — no one knows.

Something similar is found in the past. For example, on the coast of Sri Lanka in the late 1990s, in 2004 and 2005. And every time the sudden appearance of "boxes" was preceded by a series of reports of flying saucers.

At this time, the phenomenon of metal objects on the beaches of Oregon, Washington and Northern California has caused the liveliest interest of different specialists, not only ufologists, as has happened before.

This attention is due to the recent natural disasters in the Pacific — suddenly found out a connection.

Scientists have tried to find any notices or labels — without success. Local say that the day before the appearance of strange objects in the sky were observed mysterious phenomena — a bright glow and UFOs.

Of course, the local police of Oregon, as well as the police in Sri Lanka a few years ago, said that the found items belonged to, most likely, the container ship. The catch is that near the Oregon coast, Sri Lanka and any container not go.





To date, the "boxes" known as follows: height — 20 inches (about 60 cm, the surface is a perfect square of five by five feet (about 150 to 150 cm), they are completely sealed and can not open them.

In addition, these objects can not be moved from the place, and when approaching them heard a mournful howl, which seems to emit not only the boxes, but the air around them. And a respected local resident said he heard a meow, passing by the mysterious objects on Sunday evening.

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