Once again, Michael McFaul

Increasing attention is riveted to the Russians figure in the South American Ambassador McFaul sovereign Russian Federation. It does not take a couple of days, so Michael McFaul not "pleased" with their statements about the situation in Russia, and their views on the international situation. Perhaps for the near future no zabugorny salting did not act in such a newsmaker, which now stands McFaul.

Once again, Michael McFaul

His activity in the South American embassy is harsh debate for the past few months, but in the last days of the Emperor salting, in all probability, just showed his true colors. And his tirade in a street interview with NTV journalists, in what he called Russia "wild country", really angered the Russian public. "Wild Country", in which McFaul "lucky" to work, it seems, is ready to make a South American ambassador real obstruction. From its intensity diplomat can recall other "colorful" words of his own "callous Russian language", which he said in his own Twitter account.

"Kommersant" gives other sovereign McFaul quotes that show the essence of his Russian "mission." Being in the "wild country," McFaul said that Americans are not going to make any concessions on missile defense, because in the first place for them is always safety and the safety of their own allies.

In this connection develops a memory, or that the emperor McFaul so has the features, which can not take into account the provision of official U.S. government, or South American official Russian authorities simply lead by the nose, with all its promises to solve the issues of tomorrow. The second option is more likely. It turns out that Michael McFaul — a typical litmus test cases white houses and the State Department to the Russian question. Or even simpler: that Hillary Clinton's mind and plans, then Michael McFaul in the language of …

But if so, then McFaul in Russia need to take a completely different way. As it turns out, at least some, even the smallest pressure on the South American ambassador, makes the already very strong reaction, which he vainly tries to hide behind diplomatic mask. It turns out that McFaul's completely possible to use in our municipal interests. You want to find out what the thinking in Washington about the cooperation with the Russian Federation on issues of cooperation on European missile defense system? — Do not trust nevyklyuchennym microphones that can throw a few words south american President — Ambassador McFaul trust! After all, he immediately spit out his worldview over all strategic issues relating to the "wild" of.

In this connection, you can even make a special journalistic service that will meet the Emperor McFaul at the entrance to the embassy storming cross-cutting issues. For bolschoy uveritelnosti in his own "wilderness" male journalists should always be bearded with unfinished bottle of vodka in hand, in leaky boots and cocked jauntily Budyonny caps. Women journalists should be dressed in tunics painted with ornaments in the form of icons of nuclear danger. Whereupon south american salting can put even the information that the European missile defense plan in effect impose on Russia and nowhere else …

Because, really, why incriminate our good friend Michael is that he says things like "wild country", "unacceptable restrictions on missile defense," "non-democratic elections." Because of his performances in the role of the diplomatic representative of the United States can fully explain the doctrine of relations States and Russia.

By the way, here we are guessing whether the United States or Iran storm will not. Why guess when, under the hand of a private agent Michael McFaul. It is necessary to meet the Ambassador of South American round dance at the entry door to the building Bolshennom Devyatinskiy Lane in Moscow, he can fully lay out all South American plans for the likely role of the Yankees in the Iranian operation.

Yes, with such a person must blow the dust! He is able to bring the Russian Federation more utility than all the Russian professionals in the field of investigation of Western policies taken together. So thank the State Department for such an open man as salting McFaul, the little bow!

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