Once again, the Brazilian Colts

In a previous article discussed the Brazilian guns of Taurus, which were made in the image of brauningskogo Colt M1911, but not enough people know that before the emergence of these pistols were other options Colt M1911, which were carried out in Brazil under license. It is a tool, as well as the production of Taurus, has received tremendous spread of the U.S. market, as a number of both American continents. Much the smallest spread of these guns were in Europe, which is why at the mention of the Colts' first Brazilian remember the Taurus, but not about IMBEL, despite the fact that this is the company went into the creation of these pistols first. Let's try to correct this injustice and get acquainted with yet another embodiment of Brazilian Colt M1911, more precisely with many variations, because the same model gun is not braked.

Again Brazilian "Colts"It all started back in the 60's of the last century, when the Brazilian municipal arms company IMBEL decided to start building the 1st of the most recognizable pistols. Many are skeptical, because tool Though it is a classic, but even at that moment is not completely consistent with the requirements that apply to the modern gun. Yet in 1967 company IMBEL all the same acquired a license to set up and, most importantly, for the modernization of weapons and immediately began to produce the first samples. First gun that launched her company acquired the license was named M911. It was a weapon used .45 ACP and one hundred percent of repeating design of the Colt M1911. Cannon worked on automation, built on the scheme proposed by Browning once, with little recoil and locking the barrel by means of a locking grub. The trigger of the gun was a simple act, in other words, for the first shot had to be over before cock, respectively trigger open. On the left side of the instrument housed fuse switch, slide stop lever and the magazine eject button. On the back of the handle there was a circuit breaker button. Shop detachable pistol was the location of rounds in a row, with a capacity of 7 rounds. Weighed all this happiness unloaded 1,035 grams, with all this gun was equal to the length of 218 millimeters and a length of 128 mm barrel. So Makar, you can actually read the full identity of the tool in comparison with the original, with all this money on guns was quite the highest level.

Again Brazilian "Colts"But on the same model gun does not go too far, even if you plan to be used only for internal use, not to mention the fact, that deliver a tool for export to the civilian market. For this reason, IMBEL decided to make a few modifications, the first of which was the M973. Fundamentally differences in the gun, as compared to the M911, no, but it uses more than vserasprostranenny cartridge 9×19, slightly changes the properties of the gun. The same has been changed nekordinalno muzzle bushing, which was noted in the advertisement as improved significantly affect the accuracy of guns, but it is faster award holder. This particular version of the pistol was adopted by the army and police in Brazil. Dimensions guns are the same, so the gun has a length of 218 mm and a barrel length of 128 mm, but his weight decreased by 25 grams and is equal to 1.01 pounds. More significant changes was that the gun has a new store, shop or rather an old design, in line, but he holds 9 rounds 9×19, because they are smaller than .45 ACP. All controls have remained in their original locations.

Again Brazilian "Colts"Despite the fact that the gun for cartridges of 9 mm was adopted for all understood that the design tools are one hundred percent unique repeating Colt M1911 pistol, does not satisfy even the buyers civilian market, and to rely only on the charisma and history of the instrument should not be obvious, because most people do not buy it just for the collection, and for practical implementation. First as a bad time to mention a rather large dimensions of tools that interfere with unfailing wearing a pistol and wearing a concealed and could not dream, if the owner does not have a large enough body. In addition, there was a question about the low capacity magazine, although the 7-9 rounds completely sufficient capacity in my opinion for the civilian market, at least for the gun, because for self-defense should be enough to head for veselitelnoy, training fire that is quite enough. In order that would squeeze the maximum out of the license for the establishment and modernization of the gun, it was decided to make several models of guns for different ammunition. So it was decided to develop a system of notation tools, which could show the title implements all of its features.

Again Brazilian "Colts"It all started with a pistol chambered .380 ACP. The fact that this model manufacturer planned to meet the demand of the market into a weapon for self defense, because the last model did not meet the same requirements that apply generally to the weapon for protection. True result is still not out in the best possible. Despite all the efforts to reduce the length of the gun was only up to 208 mm, with all this, the barrel length is reduced to 108 mm. Was reduced and handle guns, magazine capacity has remained true to be 9 rounds of what has been achieved thanks to the fact that the bullets in it housed in two rows. In fact it was possible to reduce even more the length of the gun, but the appearance of the gun, which went so not the best, would be a generally lousy. As a result, the gun by which hoped for as a tool that immediately begin to make money, be deprived of the attention of consumers, despite the fact that the instrument was quite reliable and accurate.

Legend instruments that have been adopted for a more comfortable orientation in the middle of the abundance of guns consisted of a number of letters and digits. So designated trademarks MD trunk, which is mounted in the weapon. There were 3 types of trunks: MD1 added to the name in which guns were installed to the standard version of the trunk; MD2 read as that gun has a heavy barrel: in the case, if the title gun could find MD3, that means from the muzzle stretched valleys, which were placed in the holes so makarom This design makes the role of the muzzle brake, recoil compensator, which is largely increased the convenience of guns , making it more myagenkoy out, there are also holes in the casing-gate. In addition to options refer to the barrel, the title tool also contains information on what materials manufactured housing, shutter and frame pistol. So if the name is designation A1, the pistol frame made of stainless steel and the valve housing of the carbon, the protective coating applied phosphating. If A2 is, it means that the frame and housing, and the shutter are made of stainless steel. Designation A3 states that the valve housing, made of carbon steel and the frame is made of light alloy dura
lumin. So if no A1 or A2 or A3, it signifies that frame and the shutter and the casing, made of carbon steel.

Again Brazilian "Colts"In addition, the title tool can be found bukovkoy GC, which point to the huge capacity of the store, for guns chambered 9×19 is equal 17 cartridges, for those models that use .40 S & W stores inflated capacity can accommodate the inside 16 rounds, and for guns a .45 ACP capacity of such shops is 14 patrons. So Makar, the overall picture follow: Pistola 45 GC MD1 — gun uses the .45 ACP has shop over-capacity, equal to 14 patrons, frame and cover-stopper made of carbon steel, standard shaft. Pistola 40 GC MD3 A2 — gun chambered .40 S & W, has a shop with a capacity of 16 rounds, the barrel has holes to compensate for the recoil when firing, frame and cover-bolt made of stainless steel. And so on. So makarom reading the title of the instrument can be already aware that for it.

But this has its drawbacks, because virtually impossible to guess the weight of the gun, if you do not know it exactly for a particular model. So for pistols that use .380 ACP cartridge, the weight can vary in the range from 750 g to 940 g. By the way for a full-size model of the ammunition and did not. Ammo 9×19 weight guns can be in the range from 860 to 1094 g. For the gun, which is powered ammunition .40 S & W in the weight range from 1,060 g to 1,120 g. Such a framework for the weight of tools can be given for a pistol chambered .45 ACP. In other words, like it or not, but the guns on themselves for themselves rather languid, as if to add their weight to the same weight bullets, the results are rather large for one and a half pounds.

Again Brazilian "Colts"On this course it's not braked. Pistols constantly upgraded, but the upgrade was not global, changed the shape and dimensions of the button circuit breaker, hammer, manual safety switch, there were holes in the shutter button, changed the shape of safety clamp — everything was reflected immediately on all versions of the gun. In the mass-produced swatches for no one ever changed inside the gun, even just to make a trigger mechanism double act no one bothered. Of the parts of the control, no one would touch him. However, the company IMBEL up hope for those who want to get a tool, in varying degrees, satisfying the needs of its owner. So in person you can decide on the location of parts management tool, right to the point that they will be moved to the right side, and the window to eject spent cartridges will be on the left, or else all of the controls are duplicated on both sides of the gun. You can also order non-standard lining on the arm, equipped with own gun adjustable sights, adapted to suit the rarest cartridges, install the unusual trunk or trunk. There were even originals that ordered the gun with a removable stock and barrel longish more than 35 cm in total, the company, despite the fact that it is municipal, ready to fulfill any distortion, just to pay for it, as they say, at least some whim for your money .

Again Brazilian "Colts"Yet, it should be noted that the company reacted to IMBEL weapons with respect and not mass-produced models with the controls under gilding or ruffles and bows. The same can not entertain the fact that no weapons of commercially available off-shiny versions guns, in other words, the standards are first created specifically for the practical implementation. Maybe they are not so beautiful for minded people prefer gold AK, but the absence of some specific parts of the decorating in the weapon and makes it perfect all the same gun is a tool and should they remain, and not converted to understand that.

In addition, a rather long history of Browning pistol makes it a classic instrument, and even modern classics not be allowed, so scrapes and scratches on a similar gun only ennoble it, well, it's my world. By the way, for those who thinks the same way the company does IMBEL and artificially aged samples of the effect of naturally not the one that the use of long guns, so there is a new-old gun. Of course, all this is done by personal request, not a serial swatches, apparently wanting to get a new gun not only inside and the outside more than those who share my position, that is not at all astonishing.

Describing the guns of IMBEL, which are made in the image of Colt M1911, it should be noted that in spite of the fact that time is running forward and leaves its own mark on the weapons, their production has remained more approximate to the gun, which was taken as the base, and In this case, it's a big plus and the company itself and its products.

Again Brazilian "Colts"

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