Only 16 homes remain without electricity in the Kaliningrad region

Energy on Saturday was almost fully restored by storm interrupted power supply in the Kaliningrad region — residents remain without light 16 homes, told RIA Novosti press service chief regional GUMCHS Alexey Baranov.

On Saturday night wind in the region reached 25 meters per second. At 05.06 (MSK) occurred because of power outages gale-without light were almost 55 thousand people. In addition, two people were killed in the disaster. At the Kaliningrad — Mamonovo tree branch killed girl emerged from the car, and on a line Kaliningrad — Baltiysk tree fell on a moving car, whose driver was killed on the spot.

"By 22.00 (MSK), the specialists of" Yantarenergo "connected to the power supply of almost all consumers of the Kaliningrad region, and now people are without light 16 homes in one of the villages of the area, only about 170 people. Electricity is restored within the hour," — said representative of the Ministry for Emergencies.

He said that work on the restoration of electricity was carried out for the day. In the aftermath of the storm and emergency shutdown was attended by over 300 people were involved in 100 units.

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