Opposition candidates meet Lukashenko

Alexander Lukashenko in his more than three-hour speech at the IV All-Belarusian People's Assembly gave a lot of new promises, actively criticized his opponents in the presidential election. Opposition candidates contested thesis Lukashenko.

Alexander Lukashenko, speaking at the All-Belarusian Assembly, criticized the promises of the Democratic candidates, for example — significantly increase the amount of child benefit and maternity capital to pay, "See to it that you have not selected the latter. It's a lie, "he said.

Presidential candidate Nyaklyayeu, which promises and maternity capital, and increase child benefits in the event of his victory thus commented on the passage Lukashenko:


"That's who can take away the last — so it Lukashenko. Because it does not have the money to the treasury. And all his jerky movements for democracy and the promise — to find the money. Since January, unable to pay salaries. That's who do not have the money. And why not have the money — because it, keeping all the forces these years authorities did not give to political reforms that would liberate the economy and make it to full power. Need to include mechanisms operating in the world. But Lukashenko will never do. And it means that he will never find any money for maternity capital, nor on helping children, nor to benefits. And if it comes to power Nekljaev a Democratic candidate, then it will all be. And not at the expense of loans that do not know who will give. And the money zarobyatstsa here in a free country, free people. "

Vitaly Rymashevski

Presidential candidate Vitaly Rymashevski spoke about Lukashenko promises to return the travel benefits only for children:

"The Belarusian authorities — bankrupt. Lukashenko is not even able to fulfill that promise and return travel benefits. And everything he says in his economic model is unfounded. And the benefits to be returned because the power robbed the Belarusian people. "

Yaroslav Romanchuk

About Lukashenko promises to bring the average salary in the country before the end of the year to $ 500, and after 5 years — $ 1,000, says Yaroslav Romanchuk:

"Lukashenko reminds Baron Myunhgavzena. He promises everything to everyone, but would choose it again. $ 500 will be provided only by the fact that the salary will be raised to the authorities in order to monitor the elections. Well, the rest … I toured more than 20 cities, meeting with voters in the hall and ask who earns $ 500 — only a few raised their hands. Of course, relative to the average wage at the end of the year of $ 500 — is a fraud.

As for the $ 1,000 in 5 years — this rate of growth of wages was not in any of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Therefore, this requires a radical market reforms, which, according to its program and documents, I have not seen. So it's only "public relations" a man who, but a lie, nothing can present to people. "

Victor Tereshchenko

Lukashenko, in his speech criticized the existing tax system and promised to radically simplify it. Victor Tereshchenko comments on this statement:

"These conversations Lukashenko of restoring order to the tax system have been going on for 16 years. The whole world pays income taxes (other than the environmental tax, land tax). HE7 taxes, as he now says, and one should be. But in order to calculate it should be not only a modern computer or an accountant with two higher education — above it all is always worth a fiscal tax inspection method that always finds an error. Because it is consistent not only the law, but also dozens of instructions, which are often dual understanding. It is necessary to do so, as in the world — tax profit.

What facilities it would not promised, here a serious investor will not come until the law. NOT Lenin decrees, and laws that would regulate taxation. And yet it is only a declaration. "

Gregory Kastusyou

Lukashenko expressed his regret that the Russian president in recent times does not even remember all of the federal state, the CIS, as if they do not exist. Presidential candidate Gregory Kastusyou discusses the state of the Union:

"Union state — is, to say the least, economically unprofitable education for our country, for Belarus. Just the money allocated in the budget of Belarus Union State of Belarus and Russia — raskradayutstsa. This, again, is an understatement. They are built for luxury homes of officials of the union state on the ruble. There are many facts. At the Union State program stand out through the nose. But no one had heard about the implementation of these programs. No one had heard of reports on these programs. And plus — of the officials of the Union State, led by Borodin, offices, luxury company cars. Why do we need it? Medvedev understands this and therefore do not give it the union state of attention. Even the Audit Inspection — Audit Chamber of the Russian Federation was shocked when I checked the use of funds. For 10 years the Union State has not signed the documents for the control of spending of funds. Even Russian officials at the Ministry of Finance has taken over her head. "

What about the foreign policy priorities, Alexander Lukashenko said: "We do not go to either the West or the East. We have our place in Europe … It will take political diversification. "


Presidential candidate Alexei Mikhalevich thus comments on these statements:

"In foreign policy, it is important to set clear priorities. And the fact that today, said the acting head of state — this is not no priorities. This is — an attempt to co-operation with all that it is very often mutually exclusive collaboration. Such as military cooperation with China excludes military cooperation with Russia on a deep level. As well as relations with the European Union explicitly require termination of the project of the Union State of Belarus and Russia. "

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