Orthodox Russia, before and after the adoption of Christianity

Menology 1714. Read the last 2 lines

Lives of the Saints, Kiev, 1714
Th? Article-mine? And or Mine? And what? TII — The same as the Lives (that is to be read, but not for worship) of the book Lives of the Saints of the Orthodox Church, and these stories are set out in the order of months and days of the month, hence the name of their "Saints" (Greek?? ?? "monthly, one-month, month-long"). Works of this kind are five:

"Great Lives of the Saints" were composed by Archbishop Makarios Novgorod, later Metropolitan of all the Russias, the Saints were these set of almost all the works of the church-narrative and spiritual and instructive character, known in the four lists;
Saints chetii Chudovsky (named for Chudov Monastery in the Moscow Kremlin, where they were created);
Saints Hieromonk Herman Tulupova in the library of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra;
Saints priest John Milutin;
Saints of St. Dimitri of Rostov, composed partly of labor Makarios, in part «Acta Sanctorum» Bollandists. These Saints are most common, they are written good Church Slavonic. Published in different forms: as 12 monthly volumes or as a 24 polumesyachnyh polutoma, as four (the number of times of the year), the huge size of the book three months.


Modern scholars, historians, and theologians ROC claim that Russia became Orthodox, only through the baptism of Rus and Byzantine Christianity spread among the dark, wild, steeped in pagan Slavs.

This formulation is very convenient to distort history and belittling the significance of the oldest cultures of the Slavic peoples. We could know about the culture of the Slavic peoples and Faith Christian missionaries? How could they understand an alien culture? Here is an example description of the daily one of the Slavic Christian missionaries.

"The Orthodox Word and Rusyns dikiya people and the life of their wildly and shamelessly. Men and girls naked together locked in overheated hut and mistreat their Teles slashing each other tree branches mercilessly to exhaustion, after the run out naked and jump into the hole ice Ali snowdrift. And chill again run into the house to torture yourself bars. " How else to understand the Greek Orthodox Byzantine missionaries simple ritual visit of the Russian bath. For them, it really was something wild and strange.

The wordOrthodoxymeans the glorification of the good wordGlorious World Gov, ie Light of the world of the gods and the ancestors of ours. In the modern sense of "academic intelligence" is identified with Christianity and Orthodoxy ROC (Russian Orthodox Christian church). An opinion that the Russian — is necessarily an Orthodox Christian. This formulation is fundamentally wrong. Russian — hence Christianity, this concept is undeniable. But Russian, this is not necessarily a Christian, because not all Russian — Christians. The name itself was given the Orthodox Christian bishops in the XI century (1054 AD), the split into eastern and western churches. Western Christian church centered in Rome, became known that the Catholic Universal, and the eastern Greek-Byzantine church centered in Constantinople (Constantinople) — Orthodox ie Faithful. And in Russia Orthodox Church appropriated the name of the Orthodox, because Christian teaching force to be spread among the Orthodox Slavic peoples.

Is it really necessary to have the people of Europe and Asia, Christianity? Or it was necessary to individuals aspiring to power?

According to the teachings of Jesus Christ, all his commandments and actions aimed at the instruction of the Jews to the truth, that everyone of the 12 tribes of Israel could receive the Holy Spirit and to reach the Kingdom of Heaven. This is reported by the Christian Scriptures: Canonical and synodal (Bible or New Testament recognized separately) Apocrypha (St. Andrew, the Gospel of Judas and Simon, etc.) and non-canonical (Book of Mormon, etc.). Here's what they said: "These twelve, Jesus sent forth, and commanded them, saying,"by way of the Gentiles do not goand the towns of Samaritans enter ye not, but go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel, and ye go preach to them that the kingdom of heaven. " (Matthew chapter 10, Article 5, 7). "And Andrew asked Jonah, his disciple," Rabbi! how people carry the good news of the kingdom of heaven? "And Jesus answered him," Go to the peoples of the East, to the peoples of the West and the peoples south to where the children live in the house of Israel.To the north of the Gentiles do not go because they are sinlessand do not know the vices and sins of the house of Israel "(St. Andrew Chapter 5 Article 1-3). Many may say, they say it is apocryphal, the Bible is no such, Jesus was sent as the Savior of all peoples of the world. But Jesus told his disciples another, and in the Bible it says, "He said in reply:I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel;"(Matthew gl.15. Art. 24).
And in less than twenty years after the crucifixion of Jesus the Nazarene, as crowds of latter-day apostles and interpreters of Christ's teachings, not paying attention to Jesus' command, rushed north to the Gentiles, and the Gentiles, destroying ancient cultures and ancient faith northern people, saying, that they bear Love , Peace and Salvation from sin for all people. Their goal was aimed at increasing the followers of the Great Fisherman. In those ancient times, the followers of Jesus were called Nazarenes and their sacred symbol of the cross was not like trying to prove today, and the pictureFISH.

The purpose of the later preachers, especially after the announcement of Christianity the state religion of the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire, was quite different. Use the teachings of Christianity (created Jew Saul, later claimed to be the apostle Paul) for loosening the ancient foundations and renunciation of faith of their forefathers. Greater influence on people's minds, the enslavement of peoples and enrich themselves at the expense of others, even though they have said that all the riches go to the construction of the Church of Christ, the creation of the Temples, for services should not be run as before in caves. Any dissatisfaction with overwhelming force, and they built their church on the blood and bones of people sincerely believe in the Teachings of Jesus Christ.

"And it came to pass that I beheld among the Gentiles the base of one of the great church. And the angel said unto me: Look at the foundation of the church, which is the most shameful of all other churches and put to death the saints of God, yea, and subjected to torture, and oppress them, and imposes a yoke of iron, and reduces them to slavery. And it came to pass that I beheld this great and abominable church, and saw that the devil was the basis of it. And I also saw gold and silver, silk and scarlet, fine twined linen, and all the expensive clothes, and I saw many harlots. And the angel said unto me: Behold, all this gold and silver, silk and scarlet, fine twined linen, expensive clothes and the prostitutes there are objects of desire that great and abominable church. And for the sake of human praise they destroy the saints of God, and reduces them to slavery. "(Book of Mormon, Nephi 1 book gl.13 Article 4, 9).

All this, as established mechanism, was used for the Christianization of the European countries and Russia is not an exception. How did it happened in Russia? After all, Russia had a rich culture, their religion in two forms: Ingliizm and Vedism. A special form of statehood — veche democratic republic. Each person was free and did not know what slavery, betrayal, lies and hypocrisy. Slavs respected the beliefs of other people, for Svarog keep the commandments, "Do not force the Holy Faith and force people to remember that the choice of faith a private matter of a free man."

As we know from the history of the school year baptized Rus Prince Vladimir of Kiev in 988 BC Unilaterally decided for all which religion is the good and right, and what religion must confess to all Russian people. Why did this happen? What made Prince Vladimir Svyatoslavich abandon Vedic faith of their ancestors and to another faith — Christianity?

"6496 (988) Knyazhev Vladimir, son of Svyatoslav in Kiev alone, and he did not observe the laws and commandments of our gods and ancestors, and he was overcome by lust for women, and was insatiable in fornication and rastlyal girls and had a number of wives to 1000 and broke the commandment Svarog "on uniform wife husband must encroach, or else you will not find salvation." And the wise men came to Vladimir Mnogomudrye, told him are the words: "punishment befall you, Prince, for Svarog not tolerate violations of his commandments, and do not expect our help, because we do not go suprotiv God of heaven." Since then, Prince Vladimir eyes ached, and the mist shrouded his eyes, when thou beheld it at the girls and women, and he was very grieved, and did not know what to do. And they came to him after the Greek, and offered the cross to avoid punishment Svarog. And heed the admonitions of the Greeks, denounced Vladimir Ancestors of the Holy Faith of his father and was baptized pagan, Christian, and got rid of the punishment of God, for Svarog does not punish a professed faith. And saw the light, abused the Shrine of the Orthodox Faith, Kummiry and images of gods and ancestors Pozega and Kummir Perun into the river to throw ordered. And he commanded the apostate prince Vladimir of Kiev forcibly baptizing, and those who did not want to be baptized a cruel death ordered to betray (Chronicles of Ancient Communities of Western Russia Ingliisticheskoy Church).
But the destruction of the Holy Faith Kiev one was finished. The prince's guards along with Christian missionaries with sword and fire on Russian lands were destroyed ancient Russian culture, ancient Russian church, temple, Sanctuary and Mounds, killing Russian clergymen: Kapenov, Magi, sorcerers and magicians. During 12 years of forced Christianization nine million Slavs who refused to renounce the faith of their forefathers have been destroyed and this despite the fact that the entire population to the Baptism of Russia was 12 million. people. After 1000 AD destruction of the Slavic conservatives continued. This is confirmed by the ancient texts of the Russian annals, who retained the ROC.

"6579 (1071) … two of the rebels near Yaroslavl Magus … and came to Belozerov, and it was with 300 people. At the time, happened to come to collect tribute from Svetoslav Yan, son Vyshatinu … Yan is commanded to beat them and pull their beards. When they were beaten and pulled out of the split beard, Yan asked them, "What do they say you are gods?" … They said, "So we are gods they say: do not be alive to us from you," Yan said to them: "That is what they told you the truth" And … grabbed them, killed and hanged in an oak "(Laurentian Chronicle. PSRL, Vol.1, v.1, L., 1962).

"6735 (1227) There appeared in Novgorod Magi, nymphs, potvornitsy and many volhovaniya and potvory, and the signs were doing … Novogorodtsy also caught them and led the Magi to the court of Prince Yaroslav the men, and tied all of the Magi, and cast him into the fire, and then they are burned "(Vol.10 Nikon Chronicle, St. Petersburg. 1862).

Destroyed not only the Russian people to profess faith or Vedic dovedichesky Ingliizm, but in its own way to interpret the Christian doctrine. Nikon's enough to remember a split in the Russian Christian church, how many innocent dissenters, Old Believers were burned alive, without looking woman, man or child. Very good use of the Commandments of Jesus Christ: Thou shalt not kill, and love your neighbor as yourself. '

This inhuman destruction of the Russian Orthodox culture and the culture of other nations did not last a hundred, three hundred years, it continues to this day. All this contradicts the doctrines of the ROC must be destroyed. The time of Peter the principle applies in Siberia. Tara enough to remember the riots of Summer 7230 (1722), which were suppressed weapons, many Orthodox Old Believers Ynglings and Orthodox Old Believers (dissenters) burned alive, many condemned to a cruel death impaled. All of this action was carried out with the blessing of bishops of the Christian Church. Absolutely do not want to blame the atrocities ordinary parishioners ROC sincerely believe in the Savior Jesus Christ. Hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church but are trying to instill in their congregation intolerant of other faiths and to the Gentiles.

The twentieth century has not made changes in the relations of the ROC to other faiths, especially the Orthodox Old Believers Ynglings, which Christians are called to this day pagans. In the summer of 7418 (1910) was incorporated in Omsk pagan temple (Temple) Signs Perun, not to annoy the Christians called it Znamensky temple or Znamenskaya church. In the summer of 7421 (1913) was consecrated temples of Pater Diem (Head of Board of Elders and the church, the High Priest) of ancient churches, Miroslav, and opened the door for the Orthodox-Ynglings or as they called themselves conservatives. October 20, 1913 from the city of Novgorod Omsk came icon "Signs of the Queen of Heaven." And the bishop of Omsk and Pavlodar Andronicus is proposing to build a temple in Omsk, in honor of the "signs of the Queen of Heaven", which began collecting donations of people, but the August 1, 1914 began World War I, and the money collected for the construction of the church went to the military (military organization hospitals). Yet Bishop Andronicus found a way out, in late 1916, on his orders, Old Believers Ynglings kicked Signs of the temple of Perun, the Temple was reconstructed and brought to the Temple of the icon "The Sign of the Queen of Heaven," and began to hold their services in another church. So representatives of Omsk diocese disposed of before the revolution.

After coming to power in Omsk Bolsheviks Znamensky church was closed and it made a fitting center with heavy presses. In 1935, under the church basement and dug up some time on the presses of the walls of the church burst masonry. Now the room is used for the Temple auditorium training center "Omskpassazhirtransa" but a sanctuary where there were consecrated at the Old Believers and the inner sanctum (altar) for Christians, is used for a class for disassembling engines. For those who do not know, the Temple of the Sign of Perun is located at Omsk,. Kuibyshev 119-A. Repeated appeals from representatives of Ancient Ingliisticheskoy church in the regional administration on the return of the Temple were futile, since this temple became Archbishop of Kyiv-claim Tarskaya Diocese of Theodosius. And that there are no religious conflicts Church decided not to let anyone yet. But knowing the context of the Archbishop Theodosius with the oblast administration, you can pre-guess in whose favor the matter will be resolved.

There is another example of interference in the affairs of the Russian Orthodox Church of other faiths. Omsk and all residents of the area know about the existence of followers of Babaji's ashram in the village Okuneva Muromtsevsky district. Babaji's followers as parishioners of Ancient Ingliisticheskoy churches consider Omsk ground — sacred ground imenatsiya which — Belovodye. On this Holy Land followers Babaji perform their rituals, bring flowers and gifts to the established cult pole with a sign Om, because our ancestors came here in India and brought the Indians and Dravid teaching Vedas. For Indians, the Chinese, the Mongols, the land of the north — the Holy Land. For all, but not for the Archbishop Theodosius. In 1993, he came to a cult and ordered Okunevo post thrown into the river (as well as the Kiev Prince Vladimir did to Kummirom Perun), and in its place established a Christian cross. It is not clear by what right he had done, because Okuneva no Christian church and never was, apparently acts Prince Vladimir of Kiev closer in spirit than the establishment of peaceful relations between the religions. Two years later, in 1995, Omsk diocese will celebrate its centenary. Hundred years, it is not a thousand. Arriving at the ground as not Belovodye petition guests, Christians behave like owners, saying that they are here for a thousand years, and only they have the right to exist and to teach the people of spirituality and culture. The authorities have decided not to intervene in acts of Theodosius, and it would be necessary, because the Archbishop Theodosius violates not only the RSFSR Law "On Freedom of Religion» N_267-1 dated 25.10.1990, but both the Constitution.

Dy Vladimir Elder

Valley communities of Ancient Ingliisticheskoy
Orthodox Old Believers' Church Ynglings



The Baptism of Russia (Judaization)


As it was .. When paganism — native Russian faith — Russ prosperous and thriving, and satanic occult would plunge Russia in the information field of their religions.
Christianity captured Rus in 988 AD. e. during the reign of Prince Vladimir. How did this happen?
You can read the official version of the official history of Russia, for example Ishimova of "History of Russia", Novosibirsk, 1993
Briefly picture was supposedly was.
Prior to Prince Vladimir paganism reigned, and Russia boomed. Neighboring nations persuaded Vladimir to go to their faith, and to him came many ambassadors from Kama Bulgars, of German Catholics, the Jews and the Greeks, and everyone praised his faith. Vladimir initially evaluated these faith in beauty invented.
Consulted with the boyars. They told him: 'Everyone praises his faith, and it is better to send to different lands to find out where the faith is better. " Vladimir sent ten smartest boyars to the Bulgarians, Germans and Greeks. The Bulgarians, they found poor churches, prayer sad, sad face, the Germans have a lot of practices, but without the beauty and grandeur. Finally they arrived in Constantinople. The emperor learned of this and decided to show the Russian ministry of the patriarch. 'With the patriarch served many clergy ICONOSTASIS shone in gold and silver, incense fills CHURCH SINGING OR poured into the soul. " External beauty and grandeur, luxury and wealth impressed and delighted boyar commission, and when she returned to Kiev, she said Vladimir: 'When a man does not want a sweet bitter, and we are seeing the Greek faith, do not want another. " 'Well, to be therefore, choose Christianity ", — said Vladimir."
And then instead of the propaganda campaign and persuade Vladimir started smashing Russian religion and adopt Christianity by force and blood.
That's presented the process of Christianization of Rus. Out of all this official history that the procedure is to choose a religion, Vladimir and his entourage wore supposedly naive character. And the main role in this choice has played no meaningful religion (nobody and do not understand), and the outer beauty rituals and boyars desire for luxury and wealth. That is, according to the official version, the introduction of Christianity to Russia was the result of stupidity, Vladimir and his team.
And how was it really?
All this official version, to put it mildly, not very plausible. Let us remember that the father of Prince Vladimir, Grand Duke Svyatoslav despised Christianity knowing its essence. Uniquely his words: "the Christian faith — there is ugliness." Svyatoslav's son could not, knowing the view of his father, suddenly, for no reason at all to change the religion of all the Russian ancestors. There is no such in Russia ever. And the reason for such a big decision, as the change of centuries-religion, can not be so simple, as it is described in the official history. And the people would not stand such abuse millennial religion of their ancestors. Hung to such pagan prince, and the squad would not have helped.
Let's see who is this Prince Vladimir, where he came from.
Of Jews in Kiev Russia should be attributed to a very remote period. Jews who lived before Vladimir came from the Khazar kingdom.
Approximately 730 Jews straddle all the Khazar, tribes and Karaite Jewish king seized power or "Hagan." Kagan with his dignitaries took Jewish, faith and made it dominant in the country. So there was a Jewish kingdom. The kingdom was strong. Even Kiev one time paid him tribute, but did not last long.
In 965, Prince Svyatoslav took Sarkel Khazar fortress on the Azov Sea, and in 969, the capital of the Khazars, and fell — Itil.
Svyatoslav conquered the kingdom of the Khazar Khaganate and added it to Russia. But after that Khazar Jews were quickly overrun the Kiev land. They were lured there great commercial importance of Kiev, who was lying on the main waterway of the Greeks to the Varangian Sea.
Implementation of its staff to the highest echelons of power and abuse of rulers through Jewish women — is one of the most beloved of Jewish practices.
The mother of Prince Svyatoslav — Princess Olga, not assuming any ill effects, hired housekeeper girl Malusha (pet name of Malka — queen in Hebrew). His father was a rabbi Malusha aforesaid, also bore the Hebrew name Malka (Hebrew — king) of the Russian city of Lubitsch, who at one time was a vassal of the Khazar Khanate (Emel'yanov "Desionizatsiya", 1979, Paris)
At the instigation of his dad Malusha one day rest inebriated and seduced Prince Svyatoslav and became pregnant. Princess Olga, after learning that Malusha conceived by Svyatoslav, became angry and exiled her to the village Budutino near Pskov, where he was born Vladimir.
Even in the "Tale of Bygone Years" Vladimir — grandson of Rabbi Malka was featured as "robichich" ie "ravvinych", but in the subsequent official history of Russia was persistently translated as "son of a slave."
Not better treated fruits of his passing (for drunk) communication and the prince Svyatoslav. Leaving the Russian land and leaving for Bulgaria, Svetoslav eldest son Yaropolk planted reign in Kiev, Oleg in the middle ground Drevlyane and the youngest, Vladimir has not appointed any inheritance. Novgorod, striving for independence from Kiev, on the advice of Dobrynya (brother Malki) began to ask his son Vladimir Sviatoslav in princes. Svyatoslav not like Novgorod and releasing them a half-breed son of Vladimir, said, "Take it! For you and the Prince. "
Novgorod was taken to his minor Vladimir, went with him and his uncle Dobrynya (it is in Russian, but the real name Dabran) and the rules of Novgorod, Vladimir yet matured (the source of "Chronicle", 1864).
Dabran-Dobrynya awake behind the altar, and the thought of the thousands of years of Jewish implementation plans. At first, he sent a two-year probation Vladimir in Western Russia, where by the time the Aryan faith seriously degraded by unobtrusive subversive Jewish-psevdoyazychnikov. It is these so-called pagans long before Vladimir slowly but surely corrupting Western Russ universal fitting, rough idols, temples, temples and, mainly, the offering of blood sacrifice. Most often used for these sacrifices innocent boys, the blood that was used by the Jews in great demand.
During this internship Jews taught Vladimir how he hated revenge paternal relatives for the loss of the power of his mother's relatives in Lubitsch and in Hazar kaganate.On had to blow up from the inside by the Aryan faith implementation of slave Christianity.
Back in Novgorod with hired money to Jewish warriors scum Vladimir cruelly and treacherously killed his brother Yaropolk (he only goy — cattle in Hebrew), and usurps power in southern Russia. The pregnant widow of his brother Saint Vladimir raped and took a second wife, Rogneda, he began to take storm raped in Polotsk in front of her parents-related princes, who were then ordered to kill.
Voss to the throne of Kiev, he previously developed cunning plan begins to show greater respect for the Aryan gods. Summons put previously unknown in Russia and not only idols to worship them, and to sacrifice the innocent boys. The sacrificial blood was collected and delivered the Jewish customers. 10 years of idol worship, accompanied by murderous fanaticism, as it was planned, blew Aryan religion from within. Russian began to complain on their own gods, who up to this devoutly worshiped for thousands of years. Only then Vladimir introduced Christianity by force, causing very strong resistance, which could be fatal to this zhidenku (Emel'yanov "Desionizatsiya", 1979, Paris).
Despite the fact that the old religion was largely compromised, a new Christian faith was not adopted Russian people. Both Christianity and Communism imposed on Russia by force, brutal force. And both the Jewish religion in Russia shed an ocean of blood of the best sons of the fatherland.
Initially, Vladimir and his gang killed pagan Magi. Then the invitation of Vladimir from Constantinople Jews in priests' robes began the war with a "nasty paganism," What are these Jews called light religion of our ancestors.
On the broad … Stogney in night fire
Burned pagan "black magic."
All that Russian folk for centuries
A birch bark drew Glagolitic,
Chohom flew into the larynx fires
Overshadowing Tsar grad trio.
And the books were burned bark
Diva wonderful, Mystery of Mystery,
Commanded pigeon verse
Herbs wise, stars long.
(Igor Kobzev)
In 996, Prince Vladimir destroys detailed chronicle of the Russian Empire and establishes a ban on Russian history to Christianization, that is the story closes. But despite all efforts, Vladimir and his gang did not completely eliminate the historical sources. There were too many, and they were distributed widely.
Took someone else's faith, preaching and begging domestic slavery, abandoned their calendar. In general, the beginning of Russian slavery continues to this day.
Vladimir distinguish truth Varangian cruelty rampant disregard for all human norms and indiscriminate in the choice of means — a quality rare even mores of the time. Being rejected in the hand of Polotsk princess Rogneda — that would not go for it because that Vladimir was a bastard, illegitimate son of Svyatoslav Drevlyane slave-housekeeper Malusha — Vladimir goes to Polotsk war, exciting city and raping Rogneda eyes father and mother.
As noted by the chronicler, "he was insatiable in fornication, leading to his married women and molested the girls." Yaropolk killing, he immediately takes his wife, it is his brother's wife. And she was already pregnant. A son of Yaropolk. And attitudes in the family was appropriate. As in his time and to Vladimir. And he behaved, I think, also, respectively … In general, increased Svyatopolk future murderer of his own brothers, Boris, Gleb and Svyatoslav, known chronicler Svyatopolk Damned …
But either way, and Prince Vladimir, so terrible in their unbridled passions, became a key figure in the history of Russia. All that administers after him — only a consequence of it (?) Choice of faith.
The prince Vladimir eight years after the murder of Yaropolk christened Russia and became St. Vladimir. (?!) How is the chronicler, "was ignorant, and in the end found eternal salvation."

Chronicle evidence of forcible baptism of Rus.
Laurentian Chronicle.
The ancient text see: PSRL, Vol.1, v.1, Moscow, 1962; repetition ed. PSRL, A "1926, or in the book. "Literature of Ancient Russia 1X-XII s." , 1978. B. Kresen translation.
6488 (980). And he began to reign, Vladimir in Kiev alone, and put the idol on the hill outside the court Terem: Perun Wooden — Silver head, mustache and gold, and Horse Dazhbog and Stribog and Simargl and Mokosh … Vladimir planted Dobrynya, his uncle, in Novgorod . And he came to Novgorod, Dobrynya put idol on the river Volkhov, and sacrifice the sacrifices of Novgorod as a god.
Vladimir was also defeated by lust of women's, and that's what were his wife: Rogneda, which is planted on Lybed from her had four sons: Izeslava, Mstislav, Yaroslav, Vsevolod, and two daughters of Greek women had — Svatopluk, from chehini — Vysheslav , from the other — Svyatoslav and Mstislav, and from bolgaryni-Boris and Gleb, and concubines he had 300 — Vyshegorod 300 — Belgorod and 200 Berestove. And he was insatiable in fornication, brought to him and married women and girls rastlyal. Was it the same zhenolyubets as Solomon, for they say that Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines. Wise he was, and in the end died. The same was ignorant, and in the end was saved.
In the year 6496 (988) went on campaigns Vladimir Korsun, hail Greek. And sent to the emperors Basil and Constantine, and so they passed: "That took your glorious city, when they heard what you have virgin sister, if you do not give it for me, I shall create your city (the capital) is the same as that of this city created. " And hearing this, they (Basil and Constantine), sorrowful, and sent him a message, and this was the answer: "Do not give Christians stuck wives for infidelity. If the cross, then it will get, and the kingdom of heaven will accept, and the commonness of religion will be with us. "
By God's providence at this time Vladimir ache eyes, and saw nothing, and grieved much and did not know what to do. And sent him the Queen (Anne) and referred: "If you want to get rid of this disease, they were baptized soon, otherwise izbudesh this disease." Hearing Vladimir said: "If indeed the thing, the truly great is the Christian God." And he commanded to baptize themselves. Bishop also Korsun with Tsaritsyn priests, announcing, baptized Vladimir. When laying a hand on him, once he regained his sight. Vladimir also, sensing his sudden healing, he glorified God, "Now I saw the true God:"
After that, Vladimir took the queen and Korsun-priests with relics of Saint Clement, took the church and the vessels, and the blessing of the icon itself. And took two copper idols, and four copper horses that still stand behind the church of St. Virgin. Korsun had given the Greeks as dowry for the queen, and he came to Kiev. And when he came, he commanded to overthrow idols — some chop, and others — on fire. Perun is commanded to bind to the tail of a horse and drag it to the mountains on Borichev vzvoz to the brook, and put twelve men pounding his batons. This was not because the tree feels, but for defilement demon. Yesterday was the honor people and mocked today. When attracted by Perun Creek to the Dnieper, mourned his wrong people. And, dragged and dropped it into the Dnieper. And said Vladimir escort, "If he will stick with you spurn him from the shore, until, until after the rapids, then only leave it." They did as he commanded. As soon as it left the door, so the wind brought it ashore, which was then called Perun Mehl, so it is called to this day. Vladimir then sent across the city say, "If someone turns on the river tomorrow — whether rich or poor, or a beggar or a slave — is repugnant to me."
Mazurinsky chronicler.
PSRL. t 34, Moscow, 1968. B. Kresen translation.
6498 (992). Dobrynya Uncle Vladimir, went to Novgorod, and all the idols smashed and ruined trebischa, and many people were baptized, and the church raised up, and of the priests placed on cities and villages Novgorod limit. Idol as Perun was flogged, and hurled to the ground and tied the rope, and drew him to feces, b and c truncheons and trampling. And at that time came to a soulless demon idol Perun and it cried like a man, "Oh, woe is me! Oh me! I got the unmerciful hands. " And threw his men into the river Volkhov and commanded that no one took over. He "just sailing through the great bridge, hit the bridge of his club and said," Here let amuse people of Novgorod, remembering me, "and then worked insane people for many years, came together in some festivals and staged representation, and do battle.
Ioakimovskaya Chronicle
The ancient text in the book. VN Tatishchev Russian History, 1t. Moscow, 1963. B. Kresen translation.
6499 (991). In Novgorod, the people saw that Dobrynya is to baptize them, committed the Chamber and all took an oath not to let them into the city and not to give to refute idols. And when he came, they swept the great bridge, came with a weapon, and no matter how threatening or sweet words nor their Dobrynya admonished, they would not hear, and they brought two large crossbow with a lot of stones, and put them on the bridge, as these enemies. Supreme over the same Slavic priests God, who, because of his eloquence was named Nightingale, forbade people to obey.
We stood on the trading side, walked the streets and market place, and taught the people as they could. But perishing in wickedness cross word, the apostle said, was the folly and deceit. And so we stayed for two days and baptized hundreds of people.
Lean tysyatsky hijacked Novgorod, went around and shouted, "We'd better die than give our gods to be mocked." Multitude thereof country rassviripev, house Dobryni destroyed, looted property, wife and mother beat him. Tysyatsky same Putyata Vladimirov, intelligent and brave man, and dress the boat and choosing from Rostovtsev 500 people at night crossed over to the other side of the city and went into the city, and no heed, as all who saw them thought that they were seeing their soldiers. And he came unto the court of theft, he and the other men at once sent first to Dobrnya the river. People of the country heard about it, came to 5000, surrounded Putyata, and was among the evil carnage. Some have gone and the Church of the Transfiguration and swept homes of Christians began to plunder. At dawn podospel Dobrynya with former soldiers with him, and he commanded the coast to burn some houses than people were very frightened, and they ran to extinguish the fire, and immediately stopped whipping and lean men first came to Dobrinja, began to sue for peace.
Dobrinya is, gathering soldiers forbade robbery, and immediately smashed the idols, burnt wood, and stone, broken, overthrown in the river, and it was wicked great sadness. Men and women, having seen it, with a loud and tears, asked for them, though for these gods. Dobrinya is mocking them said, "What, crazy, sorry for those who can not of defending themselves, what benefits you can chayat from them." He sent everywhere, declaring that all went for baptism. Then came the many, not wanting baptized soldiers drags and baptized, men above the bridge, and women below the bridge. And so baptizing, Putyata went to Kiev. Because people of Novgorod and reviled, they say, they are baptized Putyata sword, and Dobrynya fire.
Laurentian Chronicle
B. Kresen translation.
6532 (1024). That same year, the Magi revolted in Suzdal, they beat the old chad on the instigation of the devil and besovanyu, saying that they hide stocks. Mutiny was great and hunger across the country. Yaroslav heard of the wise men came to Suzdal, capturing the Magi, some drove, and other executions, saying, "God for the sins of every country sends to famine, or pestilence, or drought, or other penalty, but man does not know what ".
6779 (1071). At the same time came the sorcerer, seduced by a demon, came to Kiev, he said, and then told the people that in the fifth year of the Dnieper flows reversed and that the land will be swapped, that the Greek land will be at the place of Russian and Russian — to the place of the Greek, and other land change. Ignorant listened, laughed as faithful, saying: "The devil is thee to perish you." What came to pass with him one night disappeared.
6579 (1071). There was a famine in the Rostov region, and then rose two sorcerer near Yaroslavl. And they came to Belozerov, and was with them 300 people. At the same time happened to come from Svetoslav collected tribute Yan, son Vyshatinu. Yan also commanded to beat them and pull them beards. When they were beaten and pulled out of the split beard, Yan asked them, "What do they say you are gods?" They said, 'Why should we pre Svyatoslav! "And he commanded them to invest Euro Yen mouth and tie them to the mast of the boat and let them go in front of him in a boat, and went after them. We stopped at the mouth of the Sheksna and told them Yan: "What they say to you now the gods?" They said, "So we are gods they say: do not be alive to us from you." And he told them Yan: "That is what they told you the truth." They grabbed them, killed them, and hanged in an oak.
6579 (1071) This magician appeared at Glebe in Novgorod, told people, pretending to be God, and deceived many, almost the entire city, claiming that "all knows and anticipates" and h_u_l_ya Christian faith, declared that "goes to all the Volkhov ". And there was a revolt in the city, and all believed him and wanted to kill the bishop. Bishop also took the cross and put on the robe and stood up and said, "Who wants to believe the wise men, and let him go after him, who believe, let go to the cross." And the people are divided into two parts: the prince Gleb and his squad went and stood near the bishop, but people went for the sorcerer. And the great mutiny started between them. Hleb also took an ax under his cloak, approached the magician and asked, "Do Veda that tomorrow morning, and that what happens to night?" — "All I foresee." And he said Hleb: "Do you know, what will be with you today?" — "Miracles done great things," — he said. Hleb is, taking an ax, cut the sorcerer, and he fell dead.
Nikon Chronicle
PSRL, v. 10., M., 1965, singing. Spb., 1862. B. Kresen translation.
6735 (1227) came to Novgorod magicians, nymphs, potvornitsy and many enchantments, and potvory and false signs were doing and have done a lot of harm, and lead many astray. And gathered Novgorod caught them and brought to the court of the Archbishop. And the men of Prince Yaroslav stood for them. Novgorod also led the Magi to the yard men Yaroslav, and laid the great fire in the court of Yaroslav, and tied up all the wise men, and thrown into the fire, and then they all burned.
And so the same, advocates of Christianity, it is useful to get acquainted with the available chronicles the period 12.10-century archaeological research and documents of the era, such as the works of Arab and Byzantine authors on the baptism of Rus …
No, it's a lie, of course. For it was from this data, not including the chronicles of the 10th century written on paper 16th font 17th is just visible extinction, impoverishment and degradation of Russia. Just compare the description of Russia and its impact on Byzantium Byzantine authors in the 10th and 12th centuries, geography, hiking and brave zavaevany Svyatoslav, Vladimir Monomakh, customs documents on trade with Russia Arabs in the 10th and 12th centuries, to do with us at the same period, the Germans and Poles, the words of the Arab historian hundred Russian cities in the 10th century (and in his words in Byzantium was then only three settlements that could be called the city) and the Scandinavian name Rus — Gardarica (country towns) so that immediately caught the Mongols in the 13th century — the ruined constant strife, disunity, deserted land. And no external enemies for that period in Russia was not. Only the baptism … Actually, everyone who is interested And this topic, I can recommend the works of L. Prozorov Gentile Christianity in Russia. Tale black years, where popular language describes the whole tragedy came to Russia alien faith.
Home Night of Svarog — the baptism of Rus
And now … let's go back to the last Night of Svarog, which covered her dark veil Midgard-Earth in Summer 6496 (988 AD) and see what was happening in this world with the beginning of the night. And, first of all, pay attention to events in Rusov, at least from what was left available to most of today …
Let's start with the twilight. In the middle of the IX century, breaking the old traditions, seized power in Kiev direct descendant of Kiya, Prince-Vikings Oskold (Askold), along with his younger brother Diem.
According to tradition, chose to reign worthy of eight years, and only for special services to the people could choose a second term to the board or a lifetime, but never the Crown.
Choose military prince — Prince Khan and worldly. In peacetime, the most complete power possessed worldly prince, and in time of war — Prince Khan. Prince Khan is usually selected from a higher caste of professional warriors — Vikings.
Seized power in Kiev, Oskold Khan was called, in the name of uniting two branches of government: the military — Khan and secular — Hagan in one. As a result of merging these titles, ha (to) — (ka) Ghana emerged title ha-gana. Even the construction of a new title can be seen that the title of Khan it is decisive.
The preserved data, Oskold was a remarkable man of his time, a talented warrior and statesman. He organized several military expeditions to Rusov Romeyu (more precisely, while the Empire was called Aramaeans (R. Roman)), many have been successful, and Constantinople rusam pay tribute.
During his last trip to Constantinople, in the summer of 6374 S.M.Z.H. (866 AD), Prince Oskold came under the walls of the city on 360 ships and horse-warriors. After the signing of the peace treaty, he was asked to be baptized in the Aramaic religion (which will be called a Christian from the beginning of XII century), but not in a hurry to take Oskold offer.
He had only to abandon that "mercy" as, according to legend, he immediately became blind. Then the king said Michael Aramaic Oskoldu that if he wants to get rid of the disease, it should be baptized immediately, otherwise there will never be healed.
Such a "haste" with immediate baptism, otherwise there is no "recovery" ever … this approach to proselytizing seems a little strange, if not — suspicious.
Immediate recovery Oskolda after baptism by Patriarch Photios, very suspicious when you consider the consequences of this "miracle", so favorable to the Romans. Especially troubling proposal of immediate baptism or the Lord God will not heal and cure come.
An interesting fact is that God is very "time" has demonstrated its strength with a very great benefit to the Romans. Anyone not fall "grace of God" when the squad Rusov siege to the city, the Lord God did not show any mercy to his "faithful" servants — Romeo, did not protect them, then or later.
Some may say that God turned away from sinners, and then "changed his mind." Who is happy — "Blessed be He" — as told to a priest, the only question is — who and why?
But I think that, in this case, all — much easier and more banal.
Romans, in the current "version" of history better known as the Byzantines were always cunning and deceitful politicians. To achieve their goals, they used every means adhering to the rule that the end justifies the means.
Among other "talents" — they were known as skillful poisoners. Moreover, they applied poisons was very difficult to find and identify. Most likely, the "new friends" Oskolda gave him the poison, which, in the first place, causing blindness. And if you do not give time to the appropriate antidote — people lose not only vision, but also life itself.
Does that not explain the imperative to take immediate baptism, or healing will never come!?
Most likely, an officer went to the conscious risk after a study of the nature Oskolda, hoping that he quickly agreed to the "miraculous" healing. To their delight, Oskold behaved as they expected …
Quite cleverly fooled Oskold returned to Kiev, rejects Vedic wisdom and understanding of the world is trying to force baptize Rusov Kievan Rus in Summer 6374 from S.M.Z.H (866 AD).
In the Book of Veles Prince Oskolde spoken of as a dark warrior, was baptized by the Greeks. The wise men say in the Book of Veles Oskolde it as a dark warrior! As conductor of the dark forces (social parasites).
But the first attempt Rusov baptism in Greek belief — the cult of Dionysus is not successful. On the lands of Kievan Rus, the Oskolde, Dark Forces failed to impose spiritual slavery. But it was only a "twilight" Svarog Day …
In the summer of 6390 S.M.Z.H (882 AD) Kiev seized came from the north with a team Rusov Oleg and Igor. Oleg deception Oskolda captured and killed him. With the death of Oskolda penetration of Greek belief — the cult of Dionysus — the vast Kievan Rus was stopped.
Greek faith took no pursued (very good reason), to each, according to tradition, allowed to believe that "God," which took a shower. Such tolerance of our ancestors to other faiths very soon "auknulos" them a lot of blood.
After the murder Oskolda, Kievan Prince Igor was young, on whose behalf a while Oleg rules, later known as Prophetic Oleg, indicating his Vedic view of the world. Most likely, Oleg the Wise was fighting sorcerer-magician, but it is — another story …
It would seem that the capture of Kiev Oleg and Igor stop infiltration of the Dark Forces on the ground of Kievan Rus. But after overthrowing and killing the Dark Warrior Oskolda, usurped power, Oleg planted in Kiev throne minor Igor, son of Rurik, also breaking the old traditions.
This was the first step towards an absolute monarchy, the first but not the last departure from the traditions of the past that have been effective for thousands of years and was not allowed to enter the Dark Forces social system Slavic-Aryan.
Prince Igor, and a second step to the abyss, making vossedanie the Kiev throne hereditary.
Most remember the beautiful legend of Princess Olga, who avenged Drevlianys for her husband's death — Grand Prince Igor, demanded by drevlyan tribute of song birds, which she ordered then allowed to go home with them tied to the legs of burning tow.
So she burned the city to the ground drevlyan. But few remember why drevlyans killed Prince Igor! And he died because of his own greed, and for trying to demolish an ancient tradition, according to which, the prince gave tithes to the maintenance squads.
Prince Igor decided to gather to file in the second round and that is what was killed Drevlyane. After his death, the Kiev throne sat his three year old son Sviatoslav in Summer 6453 from S.M.Z.H. (945 AD).
Grand Prince Sviatoslav grew light warrior, that he was able to break the Jewish Khazar Khaganate, parasitic state, in the summer of 6472 S.M.Z.H. (964 AD).
Jewish Khazar Khanate, the beginning of the Night of Svarog, became great parasitic state, metastases which have penetrated into many countries in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.
If there is a parasitic state continued to exist, it is difficult to imagine the consequences of this for the world and especially for Rusov.
It is thanks to Svyatoslav, Dark Forces were unable to completely enslave the Russian land in the beginning Night of Svarog, as they had planned.
If not for him, the conductors of the Dark Forces — the Jews — were able to seize power in the Lands Rusov a thousand years ago. They were able to seize power only in Summer 7425 from S.M.Z.H. (1917 AD) …
Unfortunately, defeating Juda Khazars, Svyatoslav let "the fox in the chicken coop." His mother, the Grand Duchess Olga, to accept the Greek faith, hated his own son because of the fact that he was a warrior and a light for what he has done for the salvation of Kievan Rus.
And to prevent the continuation of the started his sons through Princess Olga, entirely controlled by the Dark Forces, he slipped a Khazar Jew, had been transferred to it in Greek faith (remember, while the Greek faith was a cult of Dionysus, who in fact, other than the name, there is little different from his successor in the XII century AD Christian cult).
Traditional Jewish version of gaining control and power — a Jewish women. The so-called Jewish Institute "brides" — a very effective weapon to gain power and control in the countries to which they have a particular interest. It was with the Jews, "bride" was captured in the VII century BC Khazar Khaganate … but it — also another use (s) tor (s) s.
So, Princess Olga "slipped" Svyatoslav his housekeeper — Malcolm, his attorney (a curious fact in itself), as concubines. Malka (Hebrew decoded as a queen) was the daughter of Rabbi Malik (Malik is decoded as a king) from the Russian city of Lubitsch that near Chernigov.
The rabbis of the Jews almost always been of the tribe of the Levites — "Royal" tribe of Jews.
Usually, the Jewish "bride" specially prepared for her mission. Teach the so-called Black Tantra — the methods of influence and subject to men through sex.
A well-trained Jewish "bride", to the smallest detail by studying "subtleties" of the male body, quite easily gained control over a man like that. At the same time, through the Black Tantric produced zombie men, turning them into manageable puppets.
Even in the word Pleasure is mortgaged. If you can not defeat the enemy in a fair fight — it can be a pleasure to win — through VA. Ud — is one of the names of the male sexual organ.
For example, in the name of the same Judeo contains root VA, which stands as (y) ssekayuschie VA. In other words, producing cutting — truncation of the foreskin.
It is curious that the male knee Levites circumcision is not accepted, even though the rest of the Jewish tribes of it — always. There is also this, it would seem a paradox, a very simple explanation, but this is — in another place and another time …
It is interesting to get a mother Svyatoslav — Princess Olga — slips her housekeeper's son (his agent) as a concubine (sexual "toys") Jew Malka, understanding and knowing who she is and what it represents.
Some "strange" looks like a mother "care" about the sex lives of his son, who, moreover, was the wife!
This fact shows its full control of the Dark Forces. As in Greek religion (belief — correctly, stands for enlightenment knowledge) — the cult of Dionysus, later replaced the name of the Christian, adultery (adultery) has always been considered a great sin.
As such, this "care" deeply "believer" Princess Olga looks very strange, if not more …
Anyway, the housekeeper of Princess Olga — Malka becomes a concubine of Sviatoslav. Prince Svyatoslav, was raised from an early age, as a warrior and such niceties did not.
But, even with the "help" of a Jew Malki, Dark Forces failed to subdue Svyatoslav. Are not going to understand — or not the son of Svyatoslav, Vladimir, but for all the Jewish laws, he was a Jew. Recognition or adoption son Svyatoslav Malki, was, in fact, the only serious mistake Svyatoslav.
In principle, this error was the cause of death and the most Svyatoslav and his legitimate sons — Oleg (in 977) and Yaropolk (in 980), which had been destroyed, along with their wives and children, on the orders of "sitting" at the same time Novgorod principality Jew Vladimir.
Having taken in the summer of 6488 S.M.Z.H. (980 AD), the Kiev throne, Jew Vladimir, who became Grand Duke of Kiev, launched the planned Dark Forces.
In Vedic Kievan Rus, with many thousands of Vedic tradition, he "suddenly" puts idol Perun, Dazhdbog, Stribog, HORSE and goddess Mokosh in Kiev, Novgorod and other cities may Rusov. But, in all the Russian land them knew and revered since ancient times and no one will ever forget.
It turns out some nonsense. But it is — at first glance. In fact, it was a well thought-out provocation.
Trying to "strengthen" the Vedic beliefs Rusov, Jew Vladimir orders to bring these idols bloody sacrifice animals and humans.
The thing is, that the bringing of human and animal sacrifice, refers to the rituals of the cult of Kali-Ma — Black Mother, there are "moved" to Judaism, at the time, as the Slavic-Aryan or human sacrifice, no sacrifice of animals was not ever.
Even in the chronicles, which were written by priests in anything for him, and, respectively, for the Church, the world, said that he ordered his men made idols bring the bloody sacrifice. It is quite possible that the "actors" in the guise of the wise men and magicians, were loyal men of the "prince" of Vladimir.
By putting much needed for use (s)-torus (a) ii performance, great "Prince of Kiev" — Jew Vladimir — "chose" for Rusov for them a new religion — the cult of Dionysus, first christened himself in Korsun, then dubbed into force Greek religion residents of Russian cities. And, first of all, of course, the inhabitants of the capital city of Kiev.
How was "voluntary" adoption of Greek belief chronicles tell us that, for obvious reasons, strongly mitigate disasters description of what is happening.




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