Paradise in Grodno

Before the "popular assembly" local authorities conducted a mandatory political information from an exciting name, the meaning of which — "the new face of Belarus in the next five years." Intrigued, a word. But it seems that this is just a joke. And people began to hope …

According to the two jobs!

One of the team of candidates in the presidential election on television complained that the authorities had stolen his strongest argument of the program, namely the call — "Million jobs!" On the one hand, ideas in the words of A clever man, are in the air. On the other, I would place the authorities would not have to play so shallow. Although, clearly, the figure millionth not patented and anyone can use it.

I would advise the authorities fresh step — "Every Belarusian — two jobs!" Who would refuse two thousand dollars? After the meeting today promised a thousand. Promised, unless, rail, although I listened especially in intonation. "For Two" — it sounds quieter, a little more realistic, does. At least from the point of view of space limitations.

Let me explain: in the not so long ago, the universal gathering of trade union speaker from the podium again announced our Fatherland any "piece of land", sentimentality adding that entot "klachok" allegedly bestowed upon us by God, no less. My friends, imagine a million, and the new work places in the "patches of land." Poor done, I swear. Is that build factories, skyscrapers, and even under the ground with the production of several floors, as at the command post.

Grodno — Champion!

Before the "popular assembly" urban authorities did report all have flowers and smells, friends! Ears are alarmed, however, the figure (it is printed, by the way, in the official press.) Think about it: for "five years" in the city set up, it turns out 36,500 new jobs! Divide: Receive 7,300 seats — every year! You know something? The largest in the area is now "Grodno Nitrogen", there is approximately 7,000 people are employed. It turns out that in every single year of Grodno create another of the "Nitrogen". Well, not heavenly city?

And this is three thousand people! Including many senior citizens, children, pupils and students. Yes, a lot of people, indicating habitually in the questionnaires — "temporarily rabotayuchy." You know something? It is known that in recent years the city joined the surrounding villages, the population has increased. Or add on to their jobs are "new"? Then: open market at a former factory, there had move in from the cold and wind entrepreneurs, all under the same roof better. Here you have new jobs, although the people are the same, and the old entrepreneurial identity. Ah, the old? Let's re-register them, let them pay into the budget again! New identity — a new job!

There is no limit to perfection, it is also said to someone smart, and we all use. Order the owners to hire only relatives and non-relatives dismiss. Here you new jobs! Next: entrepreneurs who have moved earlier to the market under the roof, indignant space renting, they return to their former market or "absorbed" by others. Here you new jobs! It is possible that spirtavozav also "working" recorded. Or moved abroad by car grodnenets to sell fuel in Poland, recorded his customs — a new job! Drove a used car from abroad — as well. Unemployed were sent to collect the stones from the fields — please — what is not there?

So, gentlemen superiors did not raise once in a million sounds Manilovism and'd better come to us, in Grodno, yeah Take a lesson with local practice of "small things" — as every year by creating a "nitrogen".

Just do not Poland!

At least one of the members of the presidential campaign denounced before Grodno power that deliberately delaying the implementation of small border traffic between Belarus and Poland and Lithuania on the other side. The authorities want people to sit in a closed country, not to see the world, that even as their neighbors live! With this pasprachaessya not, really.

Recently in Grodno is one of the leaders of "Chambers" Grodno said that with Lithuania, perhaps, such a treaty, approved "before summer." Although up to six months of the summer, and she is ready to Lithuania for a long time. As you know, after the New Year Belarusians come into the next phase of its "communist" in a given country by the collar. So, if they see people "happy" Grodno region in droves neighboring Poland and Lithuania? The question is suspicious enough, agree.

In the latest issue of one Grodno newspaper hidden inside like an underground leaflet did not immediately find her. It reklyamuyutstsa discounted prices on products in the Polish hypermarket. Attention, Belarusians! Prices translate into Belarusian rubles: Roll of bacon — 10,000 rubles per kilogram meat — boneless pork shoulder — 7500 rubles per kilogram, smoked mackerel, golden — 9000 rubles per kg (in Grodno stores worth 30,000), orange (kg) — 1500 rublikov …

Since the Belarusian authorities to release Grodno from their heavenly embrace a "capitalist hell?" It is clear that it has long been well prepared: for a piece of sausage foreign so you will fine that does not want any discounts. Immediately gold becomes a Polish sausage! Meat too long ago declared contraband product. The fish does not yet banned at the border. "Rybka? Dekretsik So we quickly!"

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