People fly like birds?

It would seem that only in fantasy today can read about levitating people have telepathic abilities that own ways to magically change the thoughts and feelings of others. But is it really?

Superman today

It is believed that our intellectual and physical abilities have their limits. Only a few of the living due to some subjective reasons live 90 or even 100 years, put in mind the number of multi-valued and demonstrate phenomenal memory. Of course, we know the developed sensing abilities, such as the Bulgarian prophet Vanga, but the generally accepted standards developed foresight is "guessing" more than 40%, the rest — do not come true. But, maybe, we are confused about human capabilities?

Have you heard of Hyperborea? On the ancient continent, where the sun always shone and people lived like gods. In ancient scriptures it is said that Hyperborea sank over 20,000 years ago in the Arctic Ocean. But modern scholars, on the basis of actual findings, more considered plausible hypothesis that Russia remained a piece of land, formerly known as Great Hyperborea.

A land of great opportunities

Of the ancient written sources, we assume that in their fabulous and magical country Hyperboreans lived happily, did not know of any sickness or weakness of age. This people have different good health and excessive force, any labor gave them a legkostyu.Zhiteli Hyperborea could sleep on the ground under the trees and in the grass, as it is in harmony with nature. Climate in those days was a fabulous warm and was not like the harsh climate of the current North. The sun shone Hyperboreans for months and no wind did not reach that magic zemli.Drevnegrecheskie legends say that it came from Hyperborea their gods — Zeus, Mercury, Athena, settling in the future on Mount Olympus.

Though the food was fantastic country in great abundance, yet the priests could Hyperborea long time without food. With the gift of life they parted when simply tired of it. But besides the high intellectual development, of great spiritual power and more of your body, Hyperboreans owned natural magic. Thanks to the magical gift of foresight they could pacify and stop epidemics and natural stihii.Giperboreya was developed not only culturally, but also technologically. The most interesting — moving people dreamland on aircraft, which are described in detail in the ancient Indian Vedas, because the people of India and are confident that their gods came from the northern lands.

In search of Hyperborea

Confirmation of this — the works of ancient scholars. In his writings, historians mention the northern people who knew how to fly. Their movement through the air confirmed by many legends and myths. Remained firmly in Russian fairy tales carpet — the plane, boots — walkers, magic ball, showing the way.

But not only the myths and fairy tales convey to us the life and lifestyle giperboreytsev.Segodnya than drawings, archaeologists have found stone buildings — smooth stones, labyrinths and sanctuary — an advanced civilization that speaks about the turbulent life in the northern latitudes. Thus, researchers in Arkhangelsk on the White Sea petroglyphs found. These symbols tell us a reminder of the cult of the flight and transfer the outlines of the mysterious aircraft invented Hyperboreans. Of course, these figures did not fit in the head of modern man. So it is easier to call it unintelligent fantasies of ancient primitive people.

Numerous drawings of figures on the rocks themselves figurines buried for a lot of years, accompanied by wings. By the way the pictures are made and handled themselves as excellent figures, gives the full right to judge the high development of the Hyperboreans.

Slavs — the descendants of the Hyperboreans

Skills Hyperborean really admire. Who knows how many more secret were the ruins of ancient civilizations, but the fact that she left behind children — the ancient Slavs, most researchers argue today. In those days not everyone can come to the country of eternal happiness, wealth and love. But perhaps today on one of the parts of the former Hyperborea, the current Russian North, there is still some small part of the spirit and life of our ancient ancestors, the very gods with whom Rodney, which calls on the help of the ancient Slavs.

Ideal society — the dream of all Humanity. The absence of malice and hatred, violence and crime — that is, we believe, the main features of a successful and happy life on Earth. We know a lot of things, but we still have much to learn. And perhaps now we should look into the private world and to revise their beliefs and then there will be an opportunity to feel the power and wisdom of ancient ancestors?

Researchers collected and recorded the epic and bylichki Russian North in the 19th century, now converted all of this knowledge to the modern reader.

Natasha Chupova, publishing "North Tale"

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