People get rid of programs imposed — debunking the myths

Myth number 1 — Vaccines strengthen the immune system.

Annual vaccination of children against influenza adversely affects the formation of cross-immunity against different types of the virus, Doctors Medical Center "Erasmus" (Rotterdam, Netherlands).

The conclusion is simple — used today inactivated seasonal flu vaccine does not protect prostone vaccinated against pandemic influenza, but also prevent the formation geterosubtipicheskogo immunity, which does not help protect vaccinated infection.

A revision of the existing strategies of influenza vaccination to the development of vaccines that can protect children not only from seasonal and pandemic strains of influenza virus.


Myth number 2 — Standing ubiquitous sex — this is normal.

In January 2012 the world will screen one of the victors Venice Film Festival film "Shame." The main character, played by actor Michael Fassbender is obsessed with sex, and unable to control their sexual lives. He is trying to gain the support of his family, as well as seeking help from the staff. In the real world, according to the scientists, these states are becoming obsessed widespread.

Doctors from the United States and Europe have to say that seksomaniya — a word that until recently was used only in a humorous context, really is a serious disease on a par with drug addiction and alcoholism.

Suffer from it more than 9 million people in the U.S. and a little less in Europe. Seksozavisimosti epidemic swept the world, writes British journalists. Several years ago, a disease few people took seriously, but over time more and more people began to go to the doctor complaining that the constant desire to bodily pleasures prevents them live and work normally.

Most patients say that their families have broken up after a husband or wife found out about the many betrayals of his life partner, that he simply could not control. Many of the "addicts" twisted countless affair at work, which inevitably led to the fact that he was unable to concentrate on the tasks assigned to him and lost his position.

According to the American 'Society to improve sexual health »(Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health), accurate statistics on the number of patients seksozavisimostyu does not exist, but according to their data, in the U.S. alone suffer from this disease more than 9 million people. Also, if a few years ago, the number of psychiatrists specializing in this disease, no more than two hundred, now in America there are more than a thousand. Almost every major city has a special center to treat people who are addicted to sex.

It is interesting that in the last 10 years has changed the composition and sex-dependent patients. If earlier problems with uncontrollable sexual desires arise in men aged 40-50 years, now ranks sex addicts replenished teenagers and the elderly. Many of them were handed over to the relatives of the treatment centers, accidentally "caught" grandfather watching porn or discover the phone 12-year-old son messages of a sexual nature.

There are among seksozavisimyh patients and women, but they are still much less than men. Experts say that the root of the problems people seksozavisimyh same as drug addicts who take stimulants and other chemicals. Such patients need to maintain a high level of availability of dopamine in the body — a substance that stimulates the part of the brain responsible for pleasure.

As the number of known sex addicts are famous golfer Tiger Woods and ex-IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn, said the doctors.


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