Playing World of Warplanes. Draw of 50 keys

Website "Military Review" cooperating with, which is known for releasing client multiplayer online game battle genre. The first project is an eminent computer game Word of Tanks, which could become a mega cluster tank battles.

Playing World of Warplanes.  Draw of 50 keys

Who was born the game, which is associated only with the introduction of aircraft, developed in the range of 30-50-ies of the last century. This World of Warplanes.

The game even before its own open version of hundreds of thousands of players are interested in computer games from different countries of the world, and so you can read about what kind of enthusiasm among users of military aircraft is the destination second third of the XX century. Overestimated the enthusiasm of our fellow citizens to the technical features of the air machines of recent years — it is a good platform for the general introduction to the history, as you know, the better a person knows the history of his own country, the greater the chance that he will not repeat the fatal mistakes of the past. That's why the "Military Review" represents one of the basic information platforms the game World of Warplanes, and means already recently on our website will appear detailed descriptions of military aircraft, which the players use their own during aerial combat.

We must not forget that all aviation machines made to the list of MMO-action simulator World of Warplanes, have real models, who at one time or cut the wings of the sky, or for whatever reasons, did not wait for the continuation of their own development, and have remained in the drawings . World of developers Warplanes "Revived" of any of these aircraft belonging to three countries: Russian Union, Germany and the United States.

All combat air vehicles in the game are divided into three main groups: the light single-engine fighters, languid fighter and attack aircraft. Each group has its purpose aircraft, and so the player computer games, without the help of others to choose one or the other plane to achieve their goals, taking into account its tactical and technical characteristics, which will be publicized on the website

Since late May, World of Warplanes is tested in the format of a closed beta, and those users, who had to apply for a role in the testing of fully functional enjoyed the game. Flight simulator created on the basis of the engine itself BigWorld, which used in World of Tanks, but in spite of that the player will have a very different world in World of Warplanes. There is still more degrees of freedom, there must take instant decisions, because the speed of the aircraft on order above the speed of the tank. In World of Warplanes every moment of the battle requests of concentration, because, as they say the developers if the driver of the tank there is little opportunity to rest, hiding armored vehicle in a grove or for a dilapidated wall, then the pilot has no such power by definition. Three-dimensional sky harbors the danger there, where gamer can not expect it at all.

In the development of flight simulator based on the use of aircraft actually once existed or their projects, we use the special terrain maps. Some have moved from WoT, but there was also a lot of new ones. The fact is that if the tank battles weather can play a very indirect role, and the presence or absence of clouds in the sky does not actually have a huge value, the control plane for each player can decide the final cluster of air combat.

Attention! The contest is over!

Played Porazdavali 50 keys, the keys are no more (Invite code).
Keys will be sent to those who invent a fun, unique question (write in comments) on military aviation of the second World War (engineering, pilots, events) and those who write fascinating, right answer.

Invite code — it is a direct access to the closed beta test the game world World of Warplanes. Get the code and installing a client, you get to join the ranks of virtual test pilots, and together with them to improve the ability of the pilot. If you have not yet registered with the World of Warplanes, then do it at the moment. Click on the link:, whereupon and enter invite code

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