Poet Lukashenko

At the opening of Alexander Lukashenko Belarusian Assembly welcomed the participants on behalf of the Belarusian people. Who, then, were they? But this is not the only or the main poetic license marathon at the microphone.

It did not sound like the election — just unchanging conductor put the problem and made promises.

However, the electoral context broke when the speaker, without naming names, posted his opponents and competitors. But while many of his charges can actually throw it, and the speaker himself.

Already it is clear that the prosecution of opposition candidates in papulizme will it not the main line of counter-attack. Lukashenko spoke eloquently about the helplessness of the opponents in the responses to the question of where to get money for their generous promises.

The point is not even that in 1994 at the premiere of Kebich question, how is he going to run factories, presidential candidate Lukashenko said, "I know how." After all, with today's speech was unclear how the objectives will be set by them. Where will the money to upgrade, the restructuring of the national economy?

In sight was a contradiction between the basic text of the government program, which was based on the speaker, and his personal emotional "detachment" from the text.

In these "breakout" entrepreneurship is not interpreted as a motor, not as a mechanism to change the economy, and as a rather exotic, something even useful phenomenon that state for his kindness is not going to be destroyed. Lukashenko with pride talking about, that meets every foreign businessman who intends to invest in the Belarusian economy. But this is hardly compatible with a wide flow of foreign investment.

It is also interpreted and privatization — not as a tool for changing nature of the national economy, as well as something which can be to do, but you can not do, what you need furnish many conditions and consider each case separately and in detail.

What Lukashenko spoke sincerely and from the heart — it's about discipline and order, which is a 20% increase in production efficiency. The approach is quite natural in the framework of the established model in Belarus. But then, it remains unclear due to what and in what direction it needs to be changed.

A significant and perhaps not the most important part of the speech was devoted to the Belarusian-Russian relations. Addressed to Russia was put another piece of critical arrows, Lukashenko did not hide resentment that in the Federal Assembly, President Medvedev did not even remember Belarus, but the pathos was the fact that all Russian in Belarus will be fine, everything will work out, that there is no gap no. These supakoyvanni speaker focusing addressed the hall, which looked "Godfather" and heard the Kremlin's warning. Apparently, this is the break with the Kremlin, or his image, create a greater hazard to the speaker.

In this light, even comical were the words that at the OSCE summit in Astana, everyone saw how together hold of Belarus and Russia. It would seem that everyone saw that the Russian leader declined to communicate with his Belarusian counterpart. But you will not tell a poetic inspiration!

At the same time made broad hints that if Russia persists, the "Belarus will remain byaskhoznay" is "a tasty morsel for the EU and the U.S.." Such awareness about their own country is not very worthy stasavalasya with the slogan "get rid of the servile psychology," but then again — who requires lyagichnastsi poetry?

Interesting was the fragment of the reliance on its own resources. This — indirect evidence that the relationship with Russia is still unlikely to return to the previous level when all the needs Russian resources and ensured.

The highlight was an appeal to the opposition candidates: "You can take people to the area, you will not get the country, we will not let you tear it, it cost us dearly." "We" — who is this? One of the candidates for president — to others?

Performances Lukashenko during the last election left yet more holistic experience. Then there was a certain clarity: we go the right way forward, the Belarusian miracle immaculate, will work and succeed, and the insidious internal enemies of the West and give advice.

Now Lukashenko himself is aware that something needs to change. But how? What rhymes over, then the answers are out of date, only unanimous applause remained unchanged.


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