Pops as an official propagandist and agitator

On the election campaign Lukashenko in regions local authorities lured artists from Minsk and Russia. Paid actors at their concerts openly call for support for the current government in Belarus. At the same time, local officials are trying to appease voters in other ways.

Details — in news coverage of "Freedom."

Gomel Oblast

Agitation for Lukashenko banned on other candidates Lenin Square

In Mozyr local authorities to campaign for the incumbent head of state organized on Lenin Square concert "For a strong and prosperous Belarus" with the capital of singers and musicians. Campaign activities in this area for the opposition candidates prohibits executive committee.


Tells Mozyr activist campaign "For Fair Elections" Vladimir Telepun:

"The concert made on Lenin Square, where it is forbidden to carry out campaign activities. It made Peter Kirichenko, Deputy Chairman of the Gomel Regional Executive Committee, and Chairman of our Executive Committee Vladimir Dvornik. Kirichenko openly called for support of the current government. Only she, they say, will give us prosperity and all the best. "

Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee is campaigning for ideology Peter Kirichenko.

Vela continuing leading concert of "Slavonic Bazaar" Elena Spiridovich. The speakers also Dima Koldun, Inna Afanasyev, The virtuoso accordionist Pasha Nevmerzhitskiy, Groups "3 +2", "topless."

Telepun"During the concert, selling alcoholic beverages, pancakes, kebabs. Beano was! To make it all look like a wealthy Belarus. Although at the same time in the other end of the square pipe burst, the water flowed, flooded area near the department store. And at the other end of the mayor Janitor saying how they work and how everything here is fine. "

Selling alcoholic beverages, pancakes, kebabs. Beano was!

By campaigning for Mosyr Lukashenko among students of the local State University Shamyakin involved and chairman of executive committee Alexander Jacobson. He said he did not know the other candidates, other than the incumbent. And if he does not know how they can be leaders of the country?

Such centralized concerts "For a strong and prosperous Belarus" were also held in Rechitza, Svetlahorsk, Zhlobin, some other regional centers.

Says an activist of the campaign "For Fair Elections" Telman Masliukov of Svetlahorsk:

"In Zhlobin at a concert performed Inna Afanasyev, singer Venus, Vera Karetnikova, Victor Wheat, ensemble" Biaseda "group" Push-Pull ". At the end of the concert were Apanasyuk chairman of the executive committee, member of the House of Representatives Button, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee Borisenko. They openly in support of the President did not speak, but the whole tone of the speeches emphasized that Belarus — a country that is thriving. And from those present had to conclude that it is necessary to support the current government. "

Grodno region

"Tender May" will help the candidate "plywood"

Grodno is scheduled for December 17 performance of the Russian group "Laskavy May", which is referred to the river, which is called "pop." The concert will take place in the "support of the incumbent president."

About that, in whose support has perform music "Tender am," according to the poster near the Philharmonic Hall. In the center of the city hang others — with the image of the musicians. Raskleyshchytsa posters told me that those that speak of the support of President Lukashenko, had very little to ten units, and all have given for the October District, where the Philharmonic Hall.

I asked the team of the presidential candidate Grigory Kastusiou — how they took the news about the "advertising" concert "Tender am?" The head of the city branch of the BPF Vadim Saranchukou:

"In fact, it is not prohibited. But the selection of the group — it's the past century. I think that in such a case, the tickets will be distributed by organizations such as the "White Russia" Belarusian Republican Youth Union, the trade unions. This, too, is not formally prohibited, as it does not go straight in the candidate Lukashenko: foreign aid, not connected externally to the company. "

In Grodno Oblast Philharmonic confirmed that the concert "Tender am" will be held in support of Alexander Lukashenko. As for the tickets, then any available today — from the cheapest, at 25,000 rubles, to the most expensive — by 50,000.

Among the candidates for the presidency until the singing and deklyamatsyi used in his company's first poet Nyaklyayeu. His trustee in Grodno Dmitry Bondarchuk not surprised to future concert "Tender am." He notes:

"And what about the concert: 11 December we will meet in Grodno with Vladimir Nyaklyaeu and will have to undergo a concert Dmitry Vaitsyushkevich. The meeting will take place on the "airwaves" in the auditorium. "

Vocalist Grodno group «Mister X» Igor Bantser was also involved in the organization of concerts by famous Polish groups. He notes that in 1993, at the stadium in Grodno made "Tender May", which was then at the height of popularity. Igor says that the performance was "under the plywood" and left a bad impression. 7th in Grodno made old British group «Smokie», was a full house. What are the chances of Grodno in the "Tender am?"

Bantser"The day before they had to perform" Picnic "from Russia, a group of fairly well-known, but the tickets are not sold out. If the group is really interesting, the legendary, people will come. But the concerts so-called Russian stars have repeatedly canceled. Or Belarusian too. Very often, they do not collect the hall. And so the practice of distribution of tickets across the enterprise — it is sometimes used. If the group is not worthy, let alone the administrative resources can help. "

Vitebsk Region

"State Order" Philharmonic — perform works patriotic theme

Back in November at the Vitebsk Ice Palace was a great concert under the slogan of "Belarus — that's us." Presentations were made by the Belarusian pop stars, and in the hall with government red-green flags sat not one hundred BRSMovtsev.

But the "uplift people through art" continue on — and not just pop songs, but also classical music.

An employee of the Vitebsk Oblast Philharmonic said that this cultural institution is also obliged to join the action "Belarus — that's us":

In promoting Philharmonic elections. Before the entrance — a picket for Neklyaeva.

"This action" Belarus — that's us' — it is a government job, "state order" is. Like, the national idea, support, and so on — that's what we a
re Belarusians. Propaganda music patriotic theme, which consolidates the people around the ideas and values of the modern Belarusian state. And we were their concerts as part of this promotion.

National idea in the state order in Vitebsk, Minsk supported artists — State Chamber Orchestra, String Quartet "serenade" and soloists of the National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre. Vitebsk State actors in the concert program not needed. They have different functions — to serve the so-called concert venues in agro-towns: to organize concerts in the regions.

On the building of Vitebsk Philharmonic hanging a big announcement that will be held Dec. 19 presidential vybary.Na this place was to other information — about the festival of the Ivan Sollertinsky known music critic, born in Vitebsk, says employee Philharmonic:

"There was a banner festival Sollertinsky. The International Music Festival, 22th already. Our banner so much since last year, and lies. After all, here we have — the election. "

The festival is held in Vitebsk, from 2 to 22 December. But city officials decided that the elections for the Philharmonic — is much more important.



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