Popular novel about love in the U.S.

One of the biggest-selling like hot cakes, and e-books in the United States of America became a novel about love "Fifty shades of gray." This novel was written by a writer from Britain E.L.Dzheyms. As we know from the newspapers, this book interprets the entire American literary associations.

The book is so popular that just buy it in a bookstore is not possible, so people get the publication in electronic form.

Romance Novel James became the first book in the trilogy. A small publishing house in Australia was the first to publish this trilogy. To date, more than 250,000 copies of the trilogy sold around the world. Writer E.L.Dzheyms signed with publisher Random House in the United States, which says that they commit themselves to release all three books in e-book format and publish 750 copies in paperback.

In the trilogy includes two romantic books, one of them is called "the fifty shades darker", another — "At the fifty shades lighter." All of these books tell us about the main character Christiane Gree, which has a lot of money and about his relationship with a young student named Anastasia Steele.

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