Prediction scientists because of global warming oceans will become acidic and lifeless

Pacific Ocean, the largest reservoir in the world, with an area estimated at 178 ...

Researchers from the University of Southern California warned that the world could repeat the mass extinction of all life, which happened on our planet around 250 million years ago. In the oceans, according to their calculations, will die and 90% of living creatures.
Scientists to look to a similar global warming at the end of the Permian period, which also turned out such a catastrophe. If it happens that the average temperature on Earth will increase by five degrees, that really in the worst case scenario, the planet is waiting for a repetition of the tragedy. According to study leader Professor David Botter, science confirms that the Earth is changing.
In the last hundred years the global temperature increases due to the increase of atmospheric carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Almost 250 million years ago, a similar process was caused by natural causes (the most serious of them — volcanic activity) and led to the mass extinction of species.
American experts have made three main predictions. The first is that most of the CO? will be absorbed by the ocean. Water becomes more acidic. Deaths of coral reefs, which also occurred at the end of the Permian period.
The second forecast says, in the oceans dead zones where there is no oxygen. As told senior researcher Ecology and Conservation Biology Faculty of Moscow State University PhD Vladimir Friedman, indeed, dead zones are growing in the developing world, where the ocean are carried fertilizer. Now there is a large area of the Gulf of Mexico. Not only that, such zones are everywhere — rivers carry into the ocean phosphates and nitrates, and for the past 30 years, more and more due to the modernization of agriculture in developing countries. What is a dead zone? Unicellular algae or bacteria feed phosphates, nitrates, nutrients and multiply. As a result, they eat all the oxygen, and the whole makrozhizn (multicellular organisms and plants) dies. We see the blooms. Previously, it only happened occasionally, but also caused massive death of fish, seals. Now some areas blooms constantly, and this is very bad.
The third prediction — Ocean will be occupied by the microbes. For them, the kingdom will come in abundance, as other forms of life will die. Probably germs begin to build their own reefs in the ocean. Its waters will be a high concentration of microbial life. "Microbes are able to build their settlements, — says Mr. Friedman. — If you sometimes see in the lake or mucous slime balls, this is such education. "
According to the expert, the acidification of the ocean — perhaps the most significant issue. This is a secondary response to warming and acidification of nature will be very difficult to handle. "You are a child drinking soda without syrup? It is acidic, CO? dissolves in water to form carbonic acid, — says the biologist. — The ocean can be a concentration that is sufficient to dissolve, such as molluscs. All vulnerable marine species whose shells are composed of calcite, aragonite, will dissolve as soda dissolved in acid. Naturally, there will be a mass extinction of marine, very similar to the one that was in the Permian period. "

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