Preparations are underway Pacific Fleet naval battle groups to sail

Preparations are underway Pacific Fleet naval battle groups to sail

In the Southern Primorye to begin the active phase of winter battle study the Pacific Fleet (PF). Pacific Fleet offers numerous workout, whose main objective to test the coherence of tactical naval groups.

Total military in April Mariners will perform more than 50 different challenges for combat training missions, over 160 artillery and rocket firings and 20 torpedo exercises.

After the surrender of course tasks completed in April in the Gulf of Peter the Lofty transcripts will exercise tactical groups of ships of the Maritime Fleet. The planned military exercises will practice three compounds of surface ships and submarines, which will manage the commander of the Maritime fleet, Rear Admiral Viktor Sokolov. Around 30 warships and support vessels will go into the sea. The active role perceive sea anti-submarine aircraft.

Please come out to sea missile ships, led by the cruiser "Varyag". Minesweepers, huge and small anti-submarine ships will engage in tactical exercise practice of tasks related to the protection and defense of the aquatic area.

Separately held doctrines associated with the search, detection and liquidation submarine "enemy", which will perform the role of the submarine "Varshavyanka." Submariners have to thwart the plans of colleagues and the main forces of the order of surface ships discreetly and effectively carry out a torpedo "attack."

Transcripts exercise will end by mid-April, and then the Pacific Fleet warships will take a course in the yellowish water of the sea, which will host a joint Russian-Chinese teaching "Maritime Cooperation-2012".

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