Priest Alexander Shumsky, The End Japanese miracle

Priest Alexander Shumsky, "The End" Japanese miracle "
"Everything is desolate, as overthrown by strangers"
(Isaiah the prophet)

The nightmare of what happened in the Land of the Rising Sun is not even the fact that this country and its people suffered almost irreparable harm, and that a similar tragedy, and even more terrible, at any moment could happen again. This seems to be the absolute hopelessness. For at least some thinking person say that no progress merits can not withstand even a completely average, by the standards of our planet, earthquakes and other natural disasters. Figuratively speaking, the land only "shivered in his sleep," it has only just "eyelid twitch," and ended with all the magic of the Japanese "Honda", "Toyota", and the robots are similar. What will happen if Mother earth will want to turn over?

Once progressives of all stripes, including the Communists, put puzzle mastery of nature. And what did we litsezreem? The population of the earth came close to solving the puzzles that even mm. A notable, of course, is the fact that the tragedy in the Land of the Rising Sun has occurred in days of Lent stateliness. Naturally, a similar observation will cause fury among people unbelievers. But we Orthodox are well aware that this coincidence can not be accidental, because according to the Gospel, even hair of the head can not fall off the case. Especially since Japan is the most orthodox of all Asian countries. After all, particularly at a time when the earth shook Japan, and multimeter waves licked the town and village, the Japanese Orthodox churches were reading the prophet Isaiah and paremias Penitential Canon of St. Andrew of Crete. As the heart of the Orthodox shook the Japanese, when they heard the words of the prophet Isaiah, "Hear word Lord, ye rulers of Sodom; give ear to the law of our God, people of Gomorrah! (1:10) … Wash yourselves, be clean, put away the evil of your doings from My eyes, cease to do evil, learn to do good, to find justice, relieve the oppressed, defend the orphan, plead for the widow (1:16,17). " What was going on in the soul of the Japanese Orthodox priest, when he read poems Reverend Canon of Repentance Andrew Crete "Vkushayay ever gorkago napoenny, the time is reduced, Rebellion, near the Judge is at the door. Yako sonie, for they color the lives of flowing time: that Sue myatemsya? " Does not match penitential The Canon of the new world order, well, does not match, but on the contrary, each word St Andrew is in conflict with this order. Between them there can be no compromise. The further the population of the earth is moving towards liberal progress, the harder the conflict built up.

Is about to introduce a universal card, and of course for all that it is only a preparation for the introduction of the chip in our body. And what is the chip? How can you explain this weird word, more precisely, an unusual abbreviation? In my opinion, the transcript of the ordinary, this is a "black print Judas." With the seal of such a person is no longer able to read or listen to the Penitential Canon of St. Andrew Crete. Japan is one of the leading countries in the creation of the world order. Most likely, this superelektronnoy country charged with the development of Antichrist chip. And the Lord warned the country of the rising sun terrible earthquake.

And another fascinating observation in connection with the Japanese events. In fact, all the Russian people in one voice, without saying a word, they say that a terrible natural disaster in the Land of the Rising Sun is retribution for insulting the country of our country. All well remember how after a visit to the Kuril Islands Russian President in the Land of the Rising Sun trampled portraits of him, burned and torn Russian flag. The flag of any country is its main character. The tearing and burning a flag means the symbolic destruction of the country. For symbolic acts, usually followed by practical, Japan to them, of course, was getting ready. Here the Lord and returned to her like a boomerang that is due for the wrong symbolic acts and intentions.

Other countries also have much to ponder. For now, Russia, like a wounded animal, every scumbag tries to kick a foot, spit in it, and so similar. I really feel sorry for ordinary Japanese, but I absolutely do not feel sorry for Japan, show us the maximum degree of self-hatred. To pay for everything. But we, brothers and sisters, not to joy. We, too, according to the word of the prophet Isaiah, "and it is desolate, as overthrown by strangers." Look at the abandoned Russian valleys and villages, as of strongest tsunami devastated them. Only the tsunami it — our and your fellow citizens, through the fault of bad faith and that we are dying with tragic speed and has almost lost the economy, military, medicine, and education. Will punish Japan, the Lord warns us to repent and words of St. Andrew "My soul, my soul, arise, you sleep, the end is approaching."

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