Primorye coming to severe cyclone

Emergencies Ministry on Monday issued an emergency warning for the passage of the cyclone to the Maritime Provinces.

According to forecasters, November 6 and 7 are expected worsening of weather conditions, reports EMERCOM on edge. Morning and afternoon, November 6 at the southern edge of the precipitation is expected, sometimes heavy with snow. 12 hours could fall from 15 to 35 mm of rain. Night and day, November 7 precipitation, sometimes strong, will be in the south-east and south eastern regions. Weather forecasters predict rain, sometimes snow.

Bad weather can lead to ice, reduced short-term flooding of terrain, roads. Also available are increasing the number of traffic accidents, and the involvement of motor vehicles, in violation of public utilities, the report said.

EMERCOM Russia's Primorsky encourages people to limit travel on vacation, hunting and fishing for the duration of the warning, "Interfax".

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