Printer from the designer LEGO (photo, video)



American teenager Leon overview put together a working model of the printer, using as a base material parts Lego. His unit 14-year-old boy named PriNXT.

According to him, it's not even a printer, and a robot that is able to draw. In hundred pieces Lego mechanism includes metal components, wires, sensor, actuators and marker holder.

The robot was able to "print" Leon wrote a special computer program that translates the uploaded image into the desired format and transmits the information to a device in the form of binary code. Picture, drawn by the machine, it turns one color, the color depends on the marker, fixed in the holder.

Image quality is similar to those which gave out the old dot-matrix printers. As long as the robot can move the marker only horizontally and vertically, as well as to raise and lower it. Drawing inclined and curved lines, it is not available.




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