Protect the future of the country?

Open letter to the Commander in Chief of the Armed forces of Russian Federation on the day of Victory May 9, 2012

My grandfather's grandfather Ivan Antonovich volunteered for the front 24 June 1941. Throughout the war he was a senior technician provoeval lieutenant. He participated in the defense of Belarus in Moscow, where he was wounded in the liberation of Crimea (wounded), Belarus, and the capture of Königsberg (serious injury). My grandfather came back from the war in 1946 after the hospitals. All the rest of his life he worked Radzivil and died in 1995 at age 90.

My grandfather on my mother Tikhon Petrovic was drafted into the army in 1915. Before the revolution, in the fighting "For Faith, Tsar and Fatherland" earned him three crosses of St. George. Returned home after the end of war, civilian clothes, in what was at war in the cavalry of the Red Army. In 1941, he was also called, and because of age served in the military office at the rear. With the coming of the Germans, in 1942, he managed to smuggle a family of Don military commissioner, but he was in occupation. A couple of times Hungarian soldiers took him to the firing squad. My grandmother, gathering malehankih own kids, they rushed to his feet and begged him to spare. Then my grandfather was alive. He died in 1987 at 94 years old and grandmother died of heart disease in 58 years, even before I was born.

I keep achieve their grandparents as family heirlooms, as a memory of good faith and fair people, a direct descendant of who I am. I'm lucky, they perceived a particular role in my upbringing, their lives and their exploits have been an example for me from early youth. I & #8239, Always knew that my life falls to the same tests, I'll drive myself just like my grandparents worthy, because I do not know how to do otherwise.

And now, after living 40 years, with not a bad education, experience and vision, allowing to understand what is going on in the world, I see a very high possibility that I will actually prove that I am worthy of my grandfathers grandson . But, unlike them, I do not know the answer to the question: what am I going to protect? And it's not that I'm afraid. On the contrary, I always knew that there was no better death than death in battle with the instrument in the hands of their homeland. And that in fact the real warrior dreaming specifically of such destruction. And it's not that I'm worried about the cluster of property: house, land, apartment, car, etc. I & #8239, Not afraid of hardship household — at home I unpretentious. But, unlike my grandparents, who knew exactly what they sacrifice their lives, I do not know. Each of my grandparents had four children. And when they looked death in the face, they knew that their death for the motherland is sacred, for future Country and the lives of their own babies were identical concepts. But that still for me Motherland: my older ancestors, who lived with me in my house built? But that's just my duty. These are not mine future— This is my past. And my future took me our government in the face of various organs of state power — cold, cynical and indifferent …

Specialized committees dealing with domestic legislation in the State Duma is Committee on family, women and children. From the name of the committee that man, the father, the family business has not. Deputies of the State Duma of 9 V & #8239, Convocation, the members of this committee, 7 — ladies. Following the election of 4 December 2011 on the committee of 13 members 12 — ladies (together with the employees of the unit — 20). Faced with a person of the legislation on the family, feeling for myself on that any rights, except for the obligation to pay child support, the father, in practice, no, I'm not surprised, why in all the years of existence of this committee demographic situation in our country has become only worse . Why About 70% of marriages break up, and the number is growing hell. Why Russian legislation and law enforcement agencies discriminate against fathers and men in general. Why Russian Ladies promiscuity has become a world phenomenon. Why "maternity capital" so called, and that the support of the classical family, he has the same attitude as prostitution to women's fidelity. Now I understand why so called Committee State Council on the Family, ladies and kids. I understand those who work in positions of arbitrators, juvenile inspectors and in the bodies of guardianship. Who and why flegmantichno ordered the fate of my son, and just why I do not have to come. I say, why these guys, no future in our country millions.

I'm not exaggerating — once a year by the courts considered 150 thousand cases of residence child after his parents' divorce, 98% of court decisions shall be made in favor of mothers. These statistics do not include cases where a claim of residence child does not show. 60% of mothers fathers hinder communication with the children. Getting ladies alimony does not depends on the father's access to communication and education of their own children. In light of the state policy to encourage irresponsibility and parasitism similar situation will only get worse. The number of boys with no future is growing and will continue to grow, given the configuration in the State Duma Committee "on the family." Is not there lies the answer to the question why a growing number of kids without parental care, the atrocities committed against babies and kids? Is not that why so high mortality rate in the middle of the working-age boys? Not here to cause the highest alcoholism and drug addiction of the male population of the country? Could this be the reason for the highest percentage of suicides in Russia in the middle of boys aged 40-45 years, in contrast to other states? If the men in our country because of state politics there is no future, there is a future for the country itself?

Following the worsening international situation and knowing the long-term plans for geopolitical enemies of the Russian Federation with regard to its future, I often ask the question to yourself: what is the future of the motherland should I protect? After all, a patriot of the word ROD. But deprived me of my motherland kind. It's cold, cynical, fiercely.

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