Protecting the western borders of the example of an incident with the South Korean avilaynerom

After the South American authorities have very often talk about the need to deploy systems in Eastern Europe, the Russian authorities have decided to show that the Russian Federation in this regard have their counter-arguments. During his tenure as president, Dmitry Medvedev, announced that the Russian Federation may withdraw from the contract on START, also located in the western Russian region complexes "Iskander", sparking outrage in the West. In particular the strong reaction showed the Baltic states, declared that our homeland reiterates likely anger.

Protecting the western borders of the example of an incident with the South Korean avilaynerom

But in this case, listen to the cries of the Baltic states did not follow, as RF is only going to show that for every South American initiative to find her own candidacy, able once again lead to strategic parity.

In addition, it is now referred to deploy U.S. missile defense system in Poland and Romania, there is information that NATO military vehicles, kitted anti-missile systems in a couple of years can begin to combat duty in the northern waters. In the Norwegian fjords are guaranteed to have the court settle, but can reach up to the fact that his approval for placing ships with missile defense systems can give, and Finland, which grows in popularity very right. These political forces in Suomi is increasingly argue that our homeland should give Finland a certain area of the Republic of Karelia, which departed Moscow in the end of the Soviet-Finnish War. If such rhetoric Finnish authorities to continue on, then Moscow will have the coming and its neighbors demonstrate that Karelia completely and one hundred percent owned by RF, and presents no territorial authorities in respect of Helsinki RF do not gather.

Now the western frontiers RF, including the Russian-Finnish border guards Air 334 th Regiment of the Red Banner of Radio Engineering, which ready to face at least some danger from the West. Specifically, this military unit is in the far 1978 stopped moving on the terrain of the Union of Russian foreign "Boeing" which was imprisoned in Karelia. Interceptor Su-15 urged South Korean airliner which for a long time was in Soviet airspace, sit down on the ice of Lake Korpijärvi after the firing of rockets. As a result, the incident killed two passengers "Boeing". Until now, she seriously discusses the disaster, because, as it turns out, the plane was purely a passenger and did not make the intelligence features, but the order for its destruction still was given even after the pilots turned the plane to the Finnish border, based on the pilot's warnings Russian Su -15.

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