Protection from mosquitoes while fishing

Protection from mosquitoes while fishingHot summer days involve a huge number of anglers and experts in the waters of — small rivers and lakes, ponds and oxbow lakes. Rest own captivating simplicity and tranquility the possibility to merge with nature and get away from the bustle of working days. Idealistic picture — fisherman in a boat with a fishing rod, quietly waiting for instance trophy carp or bream, may remain only in my dreams.

More effective hours for fishing are the first hours at dawn and dusk — particularly in these times of highest activity has not only fish, and various insects, with activity midges may depend on a huge number of reasons — humidity, temperature, time, the presence of vegetation, etc.. The greatest concentration of mosquitoes is the coastal strip along the bushes — terrain, which is by definition a more fishermen catching capacity.

Because one of the urgent problems of every fisherman becomes repelling mosquitoes. Everyone finds themselves more valid and successful way. But it is worth considering that most of the protective substances — insect repellents possess a pronounced odor, their implementation can dramatically affect the efficiency of the fishing. In the middle of repellents are natural substances that possess protective action, such as an ant poison or mint, their implementation is very good, but does not have a long action. An even greater effect given chemical compound that can handle not only the exposed parts of the body, and clothes. The main advantage — a huge time act, but there is supreme risk of being left without a catch, especially carp or trout fishing.

As mosquito repeller can be used respectively odezhka — mosquito nets and dense tissue, but they are very very shackle movement and mosquito nets reduce visibility when fishing.

As option protection from insects, mosquito repellent can be used by special coils, although they are designed for confined spaces, provide an excellent effect in calm weather outdoors. Approximately one spiral is enough for one hour of work — the highest average duration of activity of mosquitoes in the morning dawn.

Flawless version of protection against mosquitoes do not exist, because you need to choose option appropriate cost, ease of use, and most importantly — from personal preference.

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