Protection of classified info and personal data

Protection of confidential information and personal dataModern CHOP offer their customers following list of services:

— The research facilities, technical protection measures and systems to identify all possible channels of leakage disk imaging, which is considered a commercial lurking;

protection hardware, facilities and systems, leak disk imaging on different channels;

protection Data from external access;

— special inspection and investigation of systems and hardware;

— development, configuration, installation and protection systems disk imaging;

— development, configuration, installation, operation chief of computer equipment;

— development, improvement, maintenance of information systems;

safety wire lines, grounding, power supply;

— search and destruction of magnetic media disk imaging principle;

— establish the concept of information security of the protected object;

— creation of regulatory and procedural, organizational and administrative documentation in the field of protection of the protected disk imaging facilities;

— provide the necessary assistance in the investigation on the fact of the loss, disclosure, destruction (modification, destruction) disk imaging;

— auditing and consulting services in the field of protection of information security and automatic speech disk imaging systems.

Prof. inspection of premises, locations, tf:

— identification of potential installation sites for intercepting disk imaging tools;

— definition of the fundamental means to intercept disk imaging in vehicles, premises, huge rooms, open areas;

— conducting painstaking inspection after serious or minor repairs, changing the interior.

After the preparatory work CHOP shall consult with the client. He issued a set of documents with the councils to provide full security facility. Next is the price to provide personal security firm servants. In the main control keeps a flexible pricing policy. The most important thing to find the right approach to the customer. If all questions have been exhausted, the head of personal security company enters into a contract with the customer. If there are disputes, it is best to consult a professional in this field. The contract should stipulate the main destinations, including the carrying of the real responsibility for the values and fundamental documents that are subject to their jurisdiction.

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