Protection of special armored trucks

The principal feature of warfare in the criteria of the local armed conflict is the active opposition to the communications. To ensure safe and non-threatening passage of convoys along the routes of movement is organized and applied fairly lengthy and complicated set of organizational and technical measures. These complexes include increasing personal protection vehicles from destruction by fire.

In the course of the first Chechen war in the military units of the Russian Federation Army appeared car "Ural-4320", which established a system of local body armor. Despite the imperfections of certain structures applied, their application in real combat criteria received a satisfactory rating. Experience with the first error was taken into account, and after some time in the military units there cars with advanced protection.

Bimbo protection Anticipate closing on three sides by the front of the car, in which the engine is in its entirety. The driver's cab is closed with sheets of armor, but instead of the ordinary installed bulletproof glass blocks. To protect the fuel tank and parts boxes, used as a car body sheets with heavy armor that is capable of reliably protected from direct exposure to bullets, shells and shrapnel small caliber min.

To be able to conduct aimed fire from machine guns and other small arms in the side and the rear plate is made for cutting the walls of the loopholes, which are reminiscent of his own design loopholes APC — 60PB. If need be, shooting on the mountain slopes and the upper floors of buildings can be carried over secure boards. The height of the walls of armored boxes equals the growth of the average person. The personnel of the inside box is located along the walls on the integrated folding benches. In order to protect against bad weather criterion closed armored vehicles manned by an additional tents that cover the top of an armored box.

Given the ability of enemy use as bombs massive munitions, namely 152 mm artillery shells, as well as 120 mm mortar which are installed on the side of the roadway, armor thickness in trucks substantially increased. The extra weight hanging protection has had a negative impact on the car's speed and maneuverability, but the level of safety of personnel and goods transported increased by a couple of times.

Protected armored cars are very rarely consumed for transportation of goods material means, almost always, they are used to transport personnel to the place of tactical and guard combat missions, as well as for the transport of convoys. In such cases, organized a specific interaction with fighting vehicles, armed with is ZU-23-2.

Armor not the only method used to secure the car. So on some machines installed special. electronic warfare equipment, which is used to secure the oppression of radio control land mines.

Substituted armored cars were reliable protection for the personnel of mechanized infantry units in the most difficult situations of hostilities.

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