Protection of the T-90ms

After the successful launch of the new Russian T-90ms, the Web have some interest in the topic began to appear questions regarding the availability of reactive armor blocks on the side of the tower and projection devices feed box for extra ammunition. I suggest for you to check out the circuits of the official prospectus (the developer KompyuterLend and our photos.

1. Dynamic protection.

As clearly shown in the diagram and photos, container dynamic protection are secreted from the prying eyes wide screen more than 4-5 mm (for the eyes). The units are designed similar to the DZ protivotandemnoy protection of armored light class, the development of scientific research institute of Steel. The attack in the turret RPG or anti-tank, first working lattice screens (armor steel 4-5mm), then a wire mesh screen in the form of a basket of things for the crew and ammunition.

2. Box for extra ammunition.

"In developing the UBM is considered a very important nuance to substantially increase the survivability of the crew, and the HPA tank as a whole. According to studies, rassredotachivanie defeats shells in the azimuthal angle of ± 35 ° is actually a linear relationship, and the number of hits in the vertical plane tends to increase hits tower. According to the results of research work fewer hits PTS has the lower part of the hull.
For this reason, the automatic placement of BC in the rear compartment of the tower, communicating with the fighting compartment for loading the gun-type, realized Omsk design bureau under the ROC "Burlak" sunk dramatically increment loss of tanks and crews, almost leads tank to a very low survivability. Martial 2003goda acts in Iraq clearly showed the fact virtually 100% of non-performing losses M1 tanks "Abrams" in the defeat boeukladki, located in the turret and separated from the crew closing bronezaslonkoy. With all of this top panel with knock practiced regularly, BC detonation was observed. So Makar, to provide the best survivability allowance of ammunition (BC) tank gun to be placed on the bottom of the tank — less susceptible to the area.
To this end, BC gun on the modernized tank type T-90 is divided into three groups of pilings. The two groups are located inside the tank in less susceptible areas: Mechanized BC is located in the conveyor autoloader AZ185M2 at the bottom of the housing (22 units), non-motorized — in the partition MTO (8 pieces). Third group of ammo (10 rounds) is moved to an isolated bay from the crew compartment — Armored box, tower located at the stern. This ammunition is used to replenish the transporter A3 and non-mechanized boeukladok at bus stops outside of combat.
It should be seen that the initial promise of the Ural designers tanks was completely abandon the idea of BC in non-mechanized stacking, leaving it solely in the carousel AZ. On the one hand, such a proposal to reduce the transportable BC shocking, but on the other hand, we must note that the increased power of weapons, and in particular the ability of MSA on virtually guaranteed defeat the purpose of the first shot, completely let this be done without loss of battle efficiency. Combat experience and special studies demonstrate that the T-72B in BC shooting 45 rounds with the TOUR, affects 14-17 goals, and modernized tank T-90 is capable of 22 shots guaranteed to hit 20-21 bronetsel, with the least amount of time for much. At the same time, the Russian Defense Ministry insists that the Ammunition BC T-72/T-90 type tanks shall not be less than 40 shots. Specifically for this reason that it took to enter the third extra styling in an armored box for the tower. "" T-90M-breakthrough into a new quality "magazine" Arsenal "№ 5 (29) 2011.
Additionally, you can say that the worst of the ammunition — part-combustible cartridge case with a charge placed in the middle compartment boxes, covered with such makarom to the same offices with the least flammable projectiles. Exciting design department itself — the charges are placed vertically in the iron pencil cases, pencil cases with a gap inserted in the tray, which is in turn inserted into an armored box. So makarom achieved diversity bottlenecking. Place gaps in a combat situation can be filled with watery gel-like or powdered inert or fire extinguishing compositions. Cover mounting box is designed so that when the excess pressure of certain characteristics, it is cut and cover works as a knock-out panel. It should also be added that in the same box an armored tank Ukrainian BM "Hold-M" with comparable dimensions is only 5 shots, the remaining space is filled with blocks of electronic equipment, which the Ukrainian designer could not zakomponovat the scope of an old tower. The design of an armored box on the BM "Hold-M" is much simpler and does not provide a constructive non-hazardous storage of ammunition, protection board projections tower and additional ammunition is not provided by the tandem of ammunition.

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