Protection of Yalta and the fight on a mountain pass near the village of Noises

July 23, 1774, participating in the Battle of the mountain pass near the village of Noise (now — Kutuzov pass and the village. Kutuzovka, north of Alushta), where the 3000th Russian squad defeated Turkish troops, Colonel Mikhail Kutuzov was first raised in the attack own Grenadier battalion of the Metropolitan Legion and was severely wounded in the head. The wound was considered fatal, the bullet slammed between the eye and the temple, went away at the same location on the other side of the face near the right eye. But Kutuzov survived, though, and lost an eye. Duchess Catherine has met the hero of this fight with a special grace, bestowed upon him the Order of St. ZHoru 4 class and sent to Europe to heal. Kutuzov toured Germany, Italy, France, the Netherlands and the UK, and used two-year stay in Europe for military education.

The battle near the village of noise associated with a little-known episode of the drama since "conquest of the Crimea." After the occupation of the Crimean Peninsula in the Russian army during the Russian-Turkish war of 1768-1774. in a number of settlements, including in Yalta, were placed garrisons. Thus, the garrison of Yalta were two companies of the Bryansk regiment under the command of Major General George Knight Samoilo Saltanova, that is a little more than two hundred fighter at 2-guns. The ruins of the medieval fortifications were prepared to defend the land and enhanced field facilities. Near the church were placed both guns. In the temple, apparently placed the powder magazine.

In July 1774 the Russian-Turkish war was practically over. The Turks suffered a defeat in this war. 10 (21) July 1774 in a camp in the village of Küçük Kaynardzha (Bulgaria) signed a peace treaty. Inferior to the RF port of the Kuban, Azov, Taganrog, Yenikale Kerch Kinburp and part of the Black Sea coast between the Dnieper and the Southern Bug. The Crimean Khanate was declared independent from the Ottoman Empire. The Russian merchant vessels have the right of free navigation in the Black Sea and the passage through the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles into the Mediterranean Sea. But the Turks were not going to give the Crimea and 17-18 July 1774 landed on the southern coast of the Crimean peninsula powerful landing Trebizond Haji Ali Pasha Bey (about 30 thousand bayonets.)

Landing were planted near Alushta. The calculation of the Turkish command was simple Russian fighter there was much less — only 150 rangers from the Metropolitan Legion (was formed by decree of the Military Collegium of the October 10, 1769), under the command of Second-Major Nikolai Fedorovich Kolycheva. Because the Turks felt that by landing troops special resistance will be. But to the surprise of the Turkish commander Haji Ali Bey, immediately began nasty surprises. Russian Grenadiers 6:00 detain Alushta. Later, the soldiers still retreated, but for a good reason — ran out of ammunition. After that part of the Turkish troops went to the village of Yalta. The coming of the Turks was followed by the massacre of the local Christians.

Of early in the morning on July 19 Yalta garrison vyznat the approaching enemy. With the dawn of the Turkish ships came from Gurzuf and began landing troops on Preserving the Yalta Bay. Russian soldiers opened gun and artillery fire, he caused damage to the Turks, but to suspend the landing troops could not. The main Turkish forces have planted the west, at the mouth of the Wuchang-Su, beyond the reach of Russian guns. The village was surrounded on all sides, was nowhere to retreat. Turks stormed. Major Saltanov organized a stubborn defense. Rifle volleys and canister did not allow Turkish soldiers to approach the strengthening and crush the small Russian garrison number. But the situation was critical. The battle was already several hours, the enemy had an overwhelming numerical advantage, the hope of aid is not justified (all eight runners were intercepted by the Turks), the number of the wounded grew ammunition ran out.

The situation is sought from the major Saltanova decisive action. It was decided to go for a break. After the afternoon, the guns were riveted, not to have got the Turks, the remaining soldiers formed a square and went to a bayonet charge. The Turks did not expect such insolence from Russian and Bryansk regiment soldiers managed to break through the encirclement and move away into the forest. Turks began to haunt the characters. In the undergrowth and rocky slopes to keep the system was impossible, got into a fight with the latest in strength. The Turks were able to translate their numerical advantage. Russian troop carrying heavy loss, but fought and went. Raging battle lasted till night. Despite the enemy fire and attack Bryantsev inflicting heavy damage to the enemy, continued to move their main forces. In this bloody battle, 205 were killed Russian Knights, together with Major Saltanov, who fell with a gun in his hand. Broke into the mountains, and came to his 17 soldiers: 2 officers and 15 enlisted men. In this battle, the Turks were not able to take any of the 1st prisoner. Do not give up and the inhabitants are Christians, and apparently left seriously wounded soldiers in the church of St. John. They knew that the Turks prisoners subjected to brutal torture, because refused to give up. Then the Turks undermined the temple.

From Simferopol made a detachment of Russian troops (3.5 million colonies fighter) Under the command of Major General VP Musin-Pushkin and not allowed the Turks to seep deep into the Crimea. July 23, in a decisive battle at the village of noise Russian fighters defeated the 8 th yanycharsky vanguard (Tuzchi commander Ismail oglu-yeah). Turkish troops retreated to the coast and fearing encirclement, soon boarded the ship and left the coast of Crimea.

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