Protective helmet of the last generation of pilots PAK FA will be created by the end of this year

NPP "Star" design graduate from the helmet for the pilot of a promising aviation complex tactical aircraft by the end of the year, he said, "Interfax-AVN" Director General and Chief Designer Sergei Enterprise Pozdnjakov.

"During the flight tests fighter fifth generation is used full-time pilot helmet ZS-7. Task before us is to the end of the year to finish work on the ZS-10 — helmet for a new aircraft," — said S.Pozdnyakov.

According to him, the task is to make helmet less available, and with a long, up to 15 years service life. "Working on the new helmet, we examined the helmets manufactured in France and Israel, but to be honest, my feeling is, they look like plastic toys faster period of use of year-two, "- said the official.

According to him, zabugornye aviation helmets can not withstand the pressures of the high speed at which the working Russian ejection seats.

Russian development should be much more reliable, said S.Pozdnyakov. "Aviation helmet for combat aircraft is to keep high pressure that occurs during ejection, and protect the life of the pilot secondary fragments. We wish to make aviation helmet robust, reliable, and based on it to make a light version for helicopter pilots, "- said S.Pozdnjakov.

Another requirement of the helmet — the weight. "The main thing is helmet was light and not hanging on his head. Since the targeting system, which will be installed on a new helmet, implies a fairly rigid fixation of the helmet on the head, "- said S.Pozdnyakov.

According to him, the method of fixing the helmet on the head until it is elected, discusses the various options. "The introduction of French helmets involves scanning head and the formation of individual inserts for each pilot in the Israeli helmets used a wide range of different-sized inserts. We are working on two fronts at once, as with the introduction of inserts and a classic case where the system has an adjustable hinged" — S.Pozdnyakov said.

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