Protective plastic mask can protect against bullets AKM

The American company MTek Weapon Systems has developed a mask FAST G3A, which weighs 400 grams. This mask designed to protect the head from the Marines actions blast. In addition, she, surprisingly, even the creators of their own, can perfectly protect against bullets AKM, the energy of which is two kilojoules.

FAST G3A (left) has not yet taken advantage of: sure, it is very cheap for the Pentagon. So the Marines (right) get it on their money. (Photo MTek Weapons Systems.)

Neuzh a cellophane much stronger helmets from steel or Kevlar, which, by the way, you can break out of the AKM for hundreds of meters? Can you imagine this for yourself? As explained by Ryan Bowser, who is an employee of Weapon Systems and one of the developers of the miracle mask, a bullet hit the AKM in the mask will be painful, with even very much, but it will be better than death when a bullet hit in the face.

In addition, a new product that protects against a person, it is also quite effective protection against splinters, mass and energy is less than that of the AKM bullets. The main purpose of the mask is FAST G3A protection from the blast.

Cellophane quite extensively used as inserts in some types of body armor. Despite the effective inhibition of bullets, this stuff for a long time was listed as missing, so absolutely suspend its metallic core without the introduction of additional titanium, clay or other hard plates that carry personal protective equipment in a different weight category. More surprising fact that the mask is made MTek, can suspend automatic rifle bullet. 7,62 × 39 cartridge, of course, can not be called modern: in 2012 there will be an anniversary, 69 years since its inception. And, no doubt, bullet Chuck 5,45 × 39, which used in the AK-74 and more than current models of Kalashnikov family with ease lumbago mask. There are doubts about the fact that during the firing of munitions 7N23, apparently demonstrated clone AKM charged everyday chuck 57-N-231, the bullet which has a metal core made of mild steel.

In general, all this can impress at least some who could shoot from AKM with a distance of 100 meters, for example, rail subjects. What does it read as if our helmets 6B7, which are considered the best in the army, at point-blank shot only kept the PM, all it weighs up to one and a half kg. Besides forcing the recruit to wear a helmet with a weight of just the commander will be able to fight with a reputation sadist. Helmet SS-68, which is the most massive of our helmet, and to date the iron, which looks into the 21st century defiantly archaic. It is able to withstand the bullets hit the PM only with the distance from which is unrealistic in general get out of the PM.

Curiously, helmet Advanced Combat Helmet, is used in the U.S. Army, having weight of 1.36 to 1.63 kg (depending on size) fully protects the face and has the least armor protection than FAST G3A. Even the helmet Enhanced Combat Helmet, launched in the creation in March 2012, which was used in the development of ultra-high cellophane Dyneema HB80, fails to protect the face.

Despite the fact that the U.S. armed forces as long as no new personal protective equipment, the Marines, who are waging a war on the ground in Afghanistan, without the help of others get this mask. The most popular such mask enjoys among those men who are engaged in mine improvised explosive devices.

The company plans to MTek Weapon Systems — Issue a more open version of the mask, which has the best view and the best audibility — PREDATOR FAST G4. Price such modification will be 375 bucks. But the soldiers of the United States of America will once again take it at their own expense, in any event, while.

Masks, we do not have, but there is helmet SS-68 (left), where "68" means what you think of it, — a year. There are kevlar 6B7 (right), and not a lot somewhere, with parameters approximating the Advanced Combat Helmet. Bullet PM to focus — the limit of his strength

What did we have of face masks for the infantry and engineers? About masks and speech does not go as well as in our army even no analogues plastic helmets Enhanced Combat Helmet. The fact that there is, based on Kevlar (in the best case). While the Russian military department procures gun APCs, our fighter helmet weighs more than a kilogram, the same resistance as the pieces up to speeds of 650 m / s (and that have the most modern designs). In this connection, will be more than talk about the fact that such a helmet will not be able to withstand any AKM bullet from a distance of 7.5 meters at right angles. There are huge doubts about that in the coming years, the situation in this direction may change.

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