Proved an incredible effect of meditation

Just two months conscious and correct practice regular meditation completely rebuilding the human brain. And this is not just a figure of speech — parts of the brain actually changes.

This conclusion was a sensational team of scientists from Harvard Medical School. Material to the results of the study were published in a special edition of Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging. The experiment was conducted on 16 volunteer subjects who participated in the 8-week program to reduce stress through mindfulness, awareness is developed by the Centre for the University of Massachusetts Medical School. In weekly classes participants trained to focus on the awareness of the body sensations, feelings and state of mind. This they had to work at home in your spare time, on average, paying for 27 minutes of meditation a day.

All subjects were MRI brain scans before and after the training program comparing the images shows an increase in gray matter in the hippocampus — a brain structure involved in memory processing — and in some other areas of the brain associated with self-awareness and introspection. Some participants observed a decrease in the size of the amygdala — our main source of fear and anxiety, writes CNews.

"Although the practice of meditation is associated more with a sense of peacefulness and physical relaxation, practitioners have long told her that meditation also has a positive effect on the mental and psychological abilities that persist throughout the day. This study shows that changes in brain structure may underlie some of these improvements, and not just more time that people spend in a relaxed state, "said Sarah-Lazare, which led the work.

Two years earlier, researchers from the University of California at Los Angeles with precision brain scans found that people who regularly practice meditation, the departments related to the manifestation of emotions, significantly more than the control group. All 22 study was meditating for a long time: from 5 to 46 years, the average was 24 years. Most of them are dedicated to this task from 10 to 90 minutes a day.

"We know that people who meditate regularly, often exhibit positive emotions have the ability to maintain peace of mind and engage strangers in a caring attitude towards others. Our results may shed some light as to why these people have such qualities, "- said the lead author of Eileen Luders.

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