Pyramids of Primorye

Near the city of Nakhodka photo was taken mountains "Brother", in this photo were visible outlines strict geometric shape of a pyramid.

The height of the pyramid was about three hundred meters. Unfortunately, the Soviet time has not passed in vain for the pyramid's left of a small part.
More precisely it savagely destroyed, as the pyramid consisted mainly of limestone, is in its place made a quarry produce limestone for construction. But do not take it from the side of the pyramid, and from the top. At one third from the top builders have finished their work, it also saved some pyramid. At the top, the rest of the pyramid were found fragments of the internal structure.

The pyramid is made up of limestone, and apparently consists of of a natural object. I can not believe that this was done artificially. The key is that confirms artificial trace a pyramid, is the basal layer at the base of the pyramid, which is the foundation. What is impossible for natural objects. This is clearly evident from the flowing river. Nowadays pyramid severely damaged by winds and vegetation that is growing rapidly in Primorye.

In analyzing the terrain immediately raised the question: why is broken pyramid when around and closer to the city have a lot of limestone. Why a pyramid made a pit right at the top, while the other pits at the foot of the mountains. Why is purposefully destroying the pyramid?

Near found the remains of a piece of the entrance to the pyramid, it was located on the west side at a height of one-third from the bottom. The exact orientation of the faces of the pyramid set is not possible, as they are damaged. Is a hill near twin "sister", but it has undergone great changes, and not like a "brother", the pyramid has affected mother nature, the height of the pyramid is about three hundred meters. From blasting, underground utilities have been destroyed, and are next to the pyramid.

In the study of communication remains were taken a lot of analysis to determine the age of the pyramids. Concrete has been very strong. In composition, concrete consists of cement, sand and gravel. Concrete was thoroughly mixed and a solid mass, even when grinding gives high transparency. In this case, comparing the modern concrete, it is not transparent when grinding and has a matte finish. Concrete was normal, but very old, he did very similar to modern concrete.

On large blocks, chipped less than one square block, clearly that is used for the construction of rubble selected (calibrated). This implies that the cement is the highest mark. On selected samples shows that the ancients possessed the most advanced technologies.

In one sample was found a piece of wood, it seems, in the preparation of the solution has got a sliver of wood, a piece of wood is easier to calculate the exact date of construction of the pyramid. In the study of this sample, it was found that the tree has changed. Its color changes to brown. Wood structure remained unchanged, and delighted scientists. A large proportion of the tree lithified and more changed by calcite and iron oxides (ocher). Fibers eventually become black, there was coalification. Material chips became stronger and broken with great difficulty.

In one sample was found hair builder, he was petrified. Hair like a human. Diameter at the cut was about nine hundredth of a millimeter. Hair accessories to a certain race could not be determined.

Treating many of the materials can be said that the age of the pyramids about ten thousand years old, but other facts and more. Main question, who built the pyramid?

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