Raped Germany

Raped GermanyDuring the German occupation of the country Russian troops made mass rape of local residents.

"Soviet soldiers saw rape, often carried out at the sight of the spouse and family members ladies, as appropriate method humiliation of German civilization, was considered the Slavs inferior race, sexy contacts which were not encouraged. Russian patriarchal society and the habit of riotous sprees have also played a role, but a more principled indignation was at a relatively high welfare Germans. The victims themselves … have a permanent injury: Ladies German wartime generation still refer to military Red Army memorial in Berlin "Tomb of the Unknown Rapist. '"

"An estimated 2-core Berlin hospitals number victims were raped by Russian soldiers ranges from ninety-five to 30 thousand 100 people. A doctor came to the conclusion that only in Berlin were raped about 100 thousand women. However, about 10 thousand of them died in the main as a result of suicide. "

There are independent research difficulties of military atrocities during the occupation of Germany. The acquired data suggest that the situation is significantly different from the widely accepted myth of the West.

Western creators arbitrarily call number raped in the "millions of Germans." In reality, this data is from the book 2-German femenistok obtained by arbitrarily extrapolating data collected in a Berlin hospital, the whole city and the whole country. It was confirmed that the use of other primary and random data copyright can count get fully at least some number raped, including — superior number East German population.

The reality is statistically inevitable cases of atrocities in the middle of the Red Army soldiers did not have a mass character, and denounced by official propaganda and military courts. Clear evidence of their absolute number of researchers so far out of reach, but known in real time documents point to the limited number of similar incidents. The myth of these intensively spread of German war propaganda at the final stage of the war in order to mobilize the population to resist the anti-Hitler coalition. After the war, the standards agency Goebbels propaganda intensively used by the U.S. against the Soviet Union, which found a reflection in a number of "historical research" that are subject to valid criticism of modern creators.

No hesitation that individual acts of rape committed by soldiers of the armies of the anti-Hitler coalition, both in Europe and in the Pacific theater of war, but in contrast to similar actions armies of the Axis were not widespread and recurrent.

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