Ratibor childhood. Animated cartoon

Served as an epigraph citation of valor and courage of Rousseau and Rossich allegedly belonging Zacharias Rhetor (VI century).

Cartoon begins with a lullaby, lulling Ratibor newborns, but then comes the news: Aneyushke have to ride a horse in another village, treated the boy Rastislav. Passing through the obstacles and dangers Aneyushka gets to the village and the prayers of the Slavic gods heal small Rastislav.

Ratibor growing and exploring the world. His father, the great hero, teaches his son to ride a horse, shoot a bow, tells the story of ancient Russia and Ratibor with great interest all absorb. The main thing is to understand that a person born in Russia — "Death is not terrible, terrible life out of the will."

Despite the prayers of old men and wise men to their gods, the tree suddenly attacked by enemies. Rastislav tries to run to the next village, and alert of trouble, but he is killed arrow, then choose one of the old men of the enemy territory, and brings about the danger. Going strong army of warriors and soldiers in body and spirit. Then the soldiers decide to attack at once, and with great advantage Russa kicking, break an army of enemies, which die during the battle the bravest Rossich and last arrow from a wounded enemy gets to the heart of Ratibor father.

Prayers for the dead, bury the Slavic traditions died in the battle for the freedom of the Russian people. "Living for Life — Rossich always choose freedom — no death" — that's the last I heard from my father Ratibor.

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