Realm of the Russian bear. Master of Taiga

The famous BBC series, filmed with the participation of the famous Russian naturalist Nikolai Drozdov, and represents the most comprehensive study of the nature of Russia and countries of the Commonwealth, was created more than 3 years. For this work N.Drozdov was awarded "Gold Panda", also known as the "Green Oscars".

Master of Taiga

Territory of the countries of the Commonwealth of the land occupies 16 of the planet. Its northern coast is washed by the Arctic Ocean and covers almost half of the world, passing through 11 time zones. Here is the biggest forest of the world — Taiga, which stretches from Scandinavia across the continent to the Pacific Ocean and covers an enormous territory.

The kingdom of the Russian bear / The Realms of the Russian Bear

Country: United Kingdom
Year: 1992
Genre: a collection of BBC
Translation: Professional (odnogolosy)

Says Nikolai Drozdov

Quality: DVDRip
Format: AVI
Duration: 6 films in 49 minutes.
Size: 4.1 GB


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