Recognizable and hidden Phantom

Privacy and advertising. Between those 2 things constantly has to balance at least some company, which makes products and technologies of defense mission. Specifically, such thoughts occur when reading the press release of Juliet Marine Systems, in which talks about their brand new project codenamed Ghost («Ghost"). Although the respective management of the U.S. Navy and the Office for the registration of patents and brands JMS allowed to publish data on their own work, they do not even refer to the exemplary technical properties of its own creation. But give the number associated with the use of new technologies that are actually saying, and should intrigue the prospective buyers.

Well-known and secret "ghost"

This figure equates nine hundred. Specifically, as many times, according to JMS, reduced air resistance when moving the ship project Ghost. This is achieved using a special form of hull lines and special machines, through which around underwater part of the vessel appears supercavitating cavity. This fact has served as a prerequisite that the press release "The Ghost" is called a composition of boats and aircraft. For publication attached photo miracle boat.

On outstanding design data or tactical niche that should take Ghost, hard to judge. But in the magazine Aviation Week & Space Technology conducted an investigation and even from the materials were able to catch a lot of disk imaging. At least, now it is enough for the more or less ordinary claims about the project. In the picture "Ghost" shows that the boat is made under the scheme, reminiscent of a trimaran. The word "reminiscent" here is not a coincidence: when driving at low speeds boat As the water bottom and 2 nacelles, pylons placed on the edges of the main body. By increasing the speed of the "wings" on the team can move in the vertical plane on the main body of the boat is lifted above the water, and the side gondolas take on the entire load. The body is cutting all management systems, engine, crew and, potentially, weaponry. In the gondola, in turn, are electric motors with screw / water jets and equipment providing supercavitation create "bubbles". When bred to the lowest position pylons Ghost recalls ship Sea Shadow, made in the early 80's by Lockheed. But the differences in these projects much more than general points. At least since the "Sea Shadow" was made as a demonstrator of stealth technology in maritime affairs and had great speed. Even catamaran scheme did not allow it to accelerate faster ship 14-15 knots. Different design and pylons, which are located side gondolas: from "Ghost" they made turning, the "Shadows" — stationary. Maybe the boat Ghost pylons immediately play the role of foils, although it is impossible to assert with confidence.

Well-known and secret "ghost"

So, most of the solutions used to "Phantom" is not new. Rotary pylons were already in projects Lockheed Martin for a long time before the Sea Shadow, a serial hydrofoil boats took to the trails in the 50-ies of the last century. But Ghost not all the same "alloy" only available technology — the main purpose for which were collected by underwater wings, pylons, etc. is different. Ghost — this is the so-called first supercavitation boat. As already mentioned, except in submarine propulsion pods are special units that create a cavity around them. I must say supercavitation also not a revolutionary cutting edge technology in shipbuilding, but so far the largest type of serial equipment to use it, was a South American boat Mark V. And Juliet Marine Systems promises to "grow" from the existing Ghost ship where to enormous size. In the Russian technique is also used supercavitation — underwater missile "Squall" move under water at about 200 knots.

Yet project Ghost is a certain enthusiasm for military and civilian customers. If peace "employment" of similar boats and ships may be in the cargo or passenger versions, the military methods of its implementation much more. Water part of the boat can be made with the introduction of operating time remaining from the Sea Shadow, which will result in flotation device that can secretly and at great speed to go in the area. And for what purpose — purely a matter of opinion, and the introduction of tactical naval authorities. The ships made on the basis of "Ghost" can do patrols, storm enemy ships or even to land troops. JMS special presses the fact that, thanks to a good speed and excellent maneuverability Ghost can beat the pirates. It is understandable why the developers "Ghost" intensive "public relations" and similar use boats — to fight the filibuster in the South American Navy takes up to one and a half billion dollars a year. Apparently, the "Ghosts" can significantly reduce the amount.

Well-known and secret "ghost"

But there is reason to believe that the U.S. Navy may abandon support for the project. If they have allowed to declassify work, it can read about vacation JMS «on free bread." Maybe debugging applets asks sturdy finansovlozheny and US Navy just do not want to risk their money and personal in some way allude to companies so that they have continued funding for "Ghost." But this is only speculation. The very existence of Ghost declassified, but its precise properties supercavitation way to the creation of cavities and other moments of great enthusiasm, until they were made public. In the middle of the rest of it can read and brag about a specific attempt by American sailors. But just talk about the fate of the project Ghost it will be possible only after the official disk imaging.

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