Recognizable political scientist Stanislav Belkovsky gave a frank interview, opened in all of their own glory

Well-known political analyst Stanislav Belkovsky gave a frank interview, revealed in all its "glory"Recognizable political scientist Stanislav Belkovsky gave a frank interview with the resource "APN North-West."

That opened in all of their own "glory" Stanislav Belkovsky. In a candid interview with the resource "APN Northwest" recognized political analyst and political strategist who imagine (or rather — representing) a tad not the alternate Russian nationalist, explicitly states:

"I think there is no need to fuss over the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation." "I am, of course, wish that the North Caucasus, at least, his Muslim regions left structure Russia ".

"What are the regions directly?" — Asks clarifying questions the one who takes the interview.

"At a minimum, Chechnya, Ingushetia and Dagestan — says Belkovsky. — About the other is ready to discuss. "

"Do not you think that after the separation of Chechnya and Dagestan zahochut independence of Tatarstan and Bashkortostan?" — Asks the reporter.

"It is dependent on how they would be interested in being a part of the Russian Federation — is responsible Belkovskiy. — … I think that the Russian Federation has the opportunity to keep the Tatarstan and Bashkortostan in almost all due to return to the real federalism. "

"But" real federalism "would simply strengthen the local clans, as was the case Shaimieva and Rakhimov" — continues to question the reporter.

"They (Shaimiev and Rakhimov) did it, but it was still better than at this time when there is virtually no power, no responsibility to the population in these regions" — retorted Belkovskiy.

That's such program of Russian nationalism presented by one of its ideologues. Cut off from the Russian Federation North Caucasus at first (he is, he says, and so is not subject of, but regularly sucking out its resources, in return for which export terrorism and drugs). And later (maybe) and Tartary with Bashkiria. And then …

"I believe that if there is a region with established national and cultural identity, and he wants to leave the country (such as, for example, Catalonia or the Basque Country in Spain), it will happen at some point," — says Belkovskiy. From which it follows that Tatarstan and Bashkortostan process of disintegration of — as it sees Belkovskiy, — probably will not stop.

Instead, the loss of these lands (on which they live, by the way, including Russia, making up in other places, and half of the population, if not most) "nationalist" Belkovskiy drawn before the Russian Federation (to be exact — that malehankih terrain that is left of it) the prospects of self-affirmation: "I believe that we need to legalize the legal status of the Russian people and national minorities. At the level of the law should receive the status of the Russian majority and minorities — full guarantees of their rights and interests, including the implementation of the state language, training on it and stuff. " In other words, you're Russian, giving areas, but become true masters of their own land (which, however, would by this time the size of a Muscovy).

Very curious and the mechanism of how our homeland — the introduction Belkovskiy — will have to make their own way out of the republics of the North Caucasus of the same. "First, it is necessary to block federal funding — explains the" Russian nationalist ". — It obessmyslit their presence in the RF, as it is the primary and sole motive their stay in RF. After that creates international working group under the chairmanship of a massive former U.S. president (maybe by the time that person will already be Barack Obama) determines the script of divorce, and we are in strict accordance with the Constitution of this divorce do. "

Simple and very sovereign — with an invitation to be the supreme judge of a strong retiree — President of the United States.

Se lo Russian nationalism will melt in the presentation (you have to admit, very conscientious) of the 1st of its ideologues. And because "the people behind it will be pulled" — in any case, Russian nationalists are increasingly put in the near future, the department of the North Caucasus from Russia. Why feel sorry for him? "Since 1991 when our historical homeland lost their most that neither is eternal and its inherent locality in the form of the East and South of Ukraine and Belarus, read that we can not lose malehankih shred of land — it's funny — says Belkovsky. — Who shot the head, the hair do not cry. "

Mocks us our 'nationalist"Laughs? In part, yes, of course. But at the same time, Mr. Belkovsky need to thank. After that provocation, that he had made, there must somehow all the same to wash our brains nationalists who are serious discussions are at an early date the surrender of Russian territory — for the sake of a bright future Tipo her "native" land. Neuzh then after what Belkovskiy frankly, our nationalists — those of them who defines his "Russian character" only by blood and external appearance — will continue to advocate for the separation of the same region? If so, then these people have nothing to prove.

Well, as they have yet to prove that "Russian nationalism" — in the form in which they present it — it's not even the love of the Russian Federation inside out, and true, and it is very destructive, weapons destruction RF. Such a "Russian nationalism" is intended to damage — a shrewd management of a "strong ex-president of the United States" — a "big" historical Russian and Russian to drive themselves into a "Greater Russia from Smolensk to Vladimir."

It remains to hope that the testimony of Mr. Belkovsky somehow on their impact.

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