Regional activists demand from candidates unity


At each meeting, the opposition presidential candidates with voters in the regions heard questions about the unity of the opposition forces in the presidential election. It also requires local activists and election headquarters of the various candidates in the Brest region.

Baranovichskij opposition Jaroslav Hryshchenya is the trustee of three opposition candidates, he was collecting signatures for Yaroslav Romanchuk, Nikolai Statkevich and Dmitri Uss. Us and iPad for general have Baranovichi one team — 60 people, said Jaroslav:

Vadim Beguin and Jaroslav Hryshchenya Baranovichi agitating for Statkievich

"People are interested in our leaflets programs. Yet clearly understand that the basis of the scandals at the top, in principle there is no reason to work at all, because every opposition candidate will receive their 5 percent, and will be an elegant victory Lukashenko …

And if the people and wants to change something, based on the fact that the top is arranged — it will not work. "

In the field of special contradictions between the opposition is not.
Trustee Vladimir Neklyaeva Vyacheslav Bolbat says that all candidates Baranavichi team cooperate, coordinate their actions.

Vyacheslav Bolbat from Baranovichy

Activist team Statkievich Alexander Tatarenko from Baranovichy

A member of the initiative group Statkevich Colonel stock Alexander Tatarenko division opposition in the elections called disaster:

"I think that the candidates thinking people crazy enough to come to the other, and if the remaining time, will be joined at some positions, will someone, even two, but will lead this pair, and at some point someone will be the only candidate, I hope that something will happen. If not — the junta will have to continue. "

Dmitry Tretyakov of Beloozersk, deputy chairman of the Brest Regional Council BPF, said that in the field all Democrats united, it is up to the Minsk:

Dmitry Tretyakov of Belaaziorsk

"We are here to share something, we are always here to agree. Always been here will agree to work together."

Mister Tretyakov works in a team candidate Grigory Kastusiou, but also helps to Alexei Mikhalevich.

"The company is such an interesting, diverse, there are candidates for every taste. On the other hand there is no such a fist, which would hurt our modern government. Staronnik I ensure that our candidates are united, and was the only candidate who would have opposed the current leadership of the country" .

Mr. Tretyakov was among the protesters on October Square in 2006, but he is not sure yet, will go on December 19 in Minsk on the Square 2010, it all depends on how the company will continue, he says.

Dmitry Sparrow Ivatsevichy is a member of the monarchist league of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, he now works in a team of the Belarusian Popular Front candidate Grigory Kastusiou. Dmitry see the positive and the negative is that in the current campaign, many opposition candidates:

"Why is it good? Because different opinions, pluralism, it is positive. But in our real world, where we need to be together, maybe it's not very good. Well let's see, who else can and will act."

Dmitry Sparrow believes that this year's mass protests will be held in Minsk, but he is afraid of the Squares:

"Because our government is not going to ensure that it was a velvet revolution, it will be a bloody … We have to go as a victim — here is my opinion — but did not take part in any riot, show that there are people who are opposed to any manipulation, to show that they chose the other. "

Campaigning for the picket Neklyaeva in Baranovichy

Campaigning for a picket in Kastusiou Belaaziorsk

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