Residents Kungur faced cockroaches unprecedented dimensions in the Urals

"Night raids unseen monsters! Kunguryakov insect attack of unprecedented size "- it is with these sensations begin television coverage of the cities of Perm region.
Shmyrina Valentine, a resident of the house on Lenin Street, 69a:
— It was terrible. They ran right into the entrance when they ease off in the sewage pit. Crawling on the grass, in general, the miracle was terrible. We both did not know what they were, but as a car drove up, lights illuminated — and then found out that there are cockroaches live.
Retired home afraid Sixpawed aliens imported to the district center either from Madagascar, whether from America, and someone's carelessness caught in the wild and then bred. Some of the more intrepid residents photographed to prove the reality of the special services of foreign invaders. And while no "men in black" or insektologii not go in a hurry, people are struggling with bad zhuchem traditional Russian way.
Valentine Shmyrina:
— Five centimeters! Meaty! You push them, so they do pop! As if a bubble bursts.
Most people are concerned that with the advent of cold weather Cockroach finally wander to their house, and then come to really dark days.

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