Riot police beats the oppositions attempt to storm the house of the Belarusian government

MOSCOW, Dec. 19 — RIA Novosti. Riot police drove the Belarusian opposition by a few meters from the government building, RIA Novosti reported.

The building houses the government are the Council of Ministers, the lower house of parliament and the CEC.

The opposition went on Sunday night to storm the government building, broke down a door and stole several police shields and batons. After that, the riot police intervened and pushed the opposition to a few meters.

In the last minute there were at least three attempts to conquer new government house, but everything hit the riot.

Storming of the government building, there are people in a state of intoxication, although most people are sober.

From inside the glass doors of Government House closed by police with shields, smashed several windows and the opposition continue to attempt to break into the Government House.

Opposition members, dissatisfied with the preliminary results of the presidential election, according to which the incumbent president Alexander Lukashenko won with a wide margin, after the polls closed gathered for an unsanctioned rally and then marched to the house of the government. Protesters managed to break down a door and blocked the road and blocked the only protection that is on the other side of the door kept the police.

Among the participants of the assault observed one of the presidential candidates Vitaly Rymashevsky.

Opposition members say they will take all the government and demand that ministers arrived there, including force.

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