River in Beirut painted in the color of blood



A lot of Concerned beyruttsev on Wednesday 15 February pelted local officials about reports that the river in the Farne al Shabbak (Furn al-Shubbak) turned blood-red.

The authorities immediately rushed to check it out. A version that the river could be dropped coloring agents or chemicals. But nothing is yet confirmed. Causes redness water remain unknown. Minister for the Environment Nazim al-Khoury (Nazem el-Khoury) gave private order to conduct a thorough investigation of the incident.



According to Bassam Sabbah (Bassam Sabbagh), the head of the investigation team, on the same day when the alerts were taken water samples from the river. The results are not yet known, but it seems it is not blood, but a kind of coloring matter.

According to some witnesses, it is not the first time this river changes color. But the red she had ever been and therefore temporary discoloration few people are frightened.

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