Rodnoverie. New turn in the development of the Slavic Faith

New turn in the development of the Slavic Faith, which developed after thousands of years of unsuccessful attempts to squeeze the spirit of Slavs brought with them new ideas and understanding of spiritual practice. Sorry, but we must recognize that these trends were less useful for spiritual self-discovery by people themselves and the world around them. They are not able to deduce the person and the family of the victim status of the Slavic state to master their own destiny. Any spirituality, if not display in the corporeal world, no more than barren imagination.
CAUSE This is understandable, since a thousand years of oblivion was not left without a trace in our culture. The destruction of the written sources, and so that was not much, Slavic-Christian origin of dual faith ("orthodox" Christianity) and the almost complete destruction of the Magi, a return to the faith of the Ancestors held sometimes in a rather bizarre faces.

One of the key factors that contributed to the formation of spiritual practices in modern Slavic Faith vreya was anti-Christian sentiment among many spiritual guide, and thus their followers so natural Rodnoverie. All that was in the dual belief, no doubt, belonged to a stranger, and hostile to the spirit of extrinsic Native Faith. So much so, that even the prayer, is regarded as a purely Christian way of worship. Still, linguists know that the word is derived from the ancient prayer "molviti" that is, "speak", which in turn derives from the Indo-European «meldh» — «ritual words to say."
Most certainly substitute for the concept of "Orthodoxy," which, being composed of Slavic religious word "rights" and "Glory," now, even part Rodnoverie considered entirely Christian.
Therefore, we would like to talk to the past. We want to tend the reader's attention to the fact that for the first time the word "orthodoxy" is found in the "Epistle of Metropolitan Photius Pskov" under the 1410-1417 years., That is, 422 years after the introduction of Christianity. And the phrase "Orthodox Christianity" and that later, in the Pskov chronicles first year in 1450, after 462 years after the baptism of Kiev. This makes us a major surprise! If the word "Orthodox" refers to Christianity, who came from Greece, why not use it themselves Christians over half millennium?!
"Orthodox" Christians were only 597 years ago, 422 years, they called themselves the only true believers. This word is used in all Russian chronicles to the 15th century. This is entirely correct, for the Greek word "orthodoxy" in translation means "orthodoxy." «Orto» — «right», «direct», «doksa» — «thought", "belief", "faith". That is why in the Western world of the Eastern rite Christians call it as "orthodox." To completely dispel the doubts of the reader, we recall that the exact translation of the word "Orthodox" in the Greek language would have given the word "ortokyudos" because the Greek and Greek, the word "glory" is pronounced «kudos». The name is known to us of Cydonia, that in Crete, and is translated "glorious."
Thus, not all that appropriated the dualism must be considered a stranger and introduced us.
Almost half Rodnoverie convinced that spiritual practices Native Faith is nothing more than a repetition of the prayers of the "Book of Veles" or praise these wise men and priests. Thus, transforming religion into an ideology kladoryad world views, which aims to achieve political, social or cultural achievements.
The purpose of faith-Veda to reveal the spiritual nature of man, to teach the soul to be one with God, not running away from the explicit world, because the only way you can become a master of his life.
That's why, darling Vera never be asocial, sectarian phenomenon. Needless outlook Rodnoverie forces manifest themselves in its way (society, state). But social work is a consequence, not our own spiritual act.
Only a small sense of unity of the Soul (Granddaughter Dazhbozhego) with the universal soul (Originally Vsebogom) gives a person true happiness, freedom, and allows you to become the master of fate. To achieve this feeling of unity, to begin again to feel it in yourself, you can through spiritual practice — that is, spiritual zeal.
The word "zeal" comes from the Old Slavonic language of our ancestors, and means "light acts". "Ra" — "light", "denie" from the "act." Over time, this word has become synonymous with "care", and in its origin near the modern word "joy." That is, Zeal — a lager act or union with the Light.
Union with the world may be in the Slavic Faith in several ways that complement each other and make the spiritual world of the Slav much deeper and more versatile.
First, it is being in a state of Holy Silence: Divlene, Phenomenon and Ladovanie that change the state of consciousness.
Divlene — A state in which consciousness disperses, spreads in breadth. No thoughts at all, or they can easily move from things to the thing on anything without stopping to anything not tied. During Divlene we have no purpose. We're just alone, did not want to and not trying to achieve something. At the same time we learn to relax, not to cling to the thought that reaches the stop thinking. During Divlenya we allow your mind to wander freely, without lingering on things and events, as this would blend of cause and effect, one becomes aware of the appearance of any troubles in life. When staying in a state of periodic Divlenya mind becomes clear and bright. We are able to see the internal linkage between supposedly unrelated events. Then all the things in the world are the manifestations of the same whole — Rod Almighty. In Him is every Rodnoverie is able to see the place and the way.
Ladovanie different from Divlenya that it has a purpose ladovaniya, and the action itself is due to the full concentration of the mind and its penetration into the goal itself. The human mind always needs a goal, a certain pattern of thinking and unique "blinkers" and "forms." This is due to the fact that the mind is also a way, it's a product or consequence ladovaniya by Rod Vsebogom. But mind the average person spreads on the surface of things or events, and it misses the point. For example, a person who is not engaged in a full time, has a superficial judgment about it, while the other can look in depth into the very essence. This applies to any aspect of life. Therefore, going into the Sacred Silence and beginning to focus on the subject, we gradually acquire skills Ladovaniya. Over time, this skill enables Rodnoverie with a glance to see the essence of the phenomenon. Ladovanie — is the ability to enter into the middle of the object, to let him inside yourself, to merge with it, get it. To do this, you need to get rid of all negative evaluations single and multiple universes, not just a perception, but then finds true Ladovanie.
Being a part of God, Gods, each person can form around the world. But consciously do it, fret it around, can only one who knows the legal rights (laws of interaction of the spiritual and physical).
Phenomenon — Is a kind figurative sense a state of mind in which embodied events or situations that arise in the mind. Phenomenon — it is a manifestation of the creative power of God, which is in every human being, to direct the desired. During the phenomena in his mind a person creates a certain image, it fills the senses, thus giving spiritual power. This image can be further delineated by certain words, as is done in prayer or conspiracy. Once created mental images of what is called, stood before us, it is "alive", begins an independent existence. Phenomenon is one of the important components of a normal life and support mode in the body, as well as their living space. But beware apply black phenomenon!
Black phenomenon purports to gain control over the actions of others or to the fact that force them to do anything against their will ("black magic"). Engage in this sort of thing is very dangerous. And not because it is wrong and contrary to the Pocono Native Faith, so that black images created in the human mind, always come back to the creator. Returned repeatedly reinforced by bringing the person a hundred times more damage than we apply to another. Moreover, it destroys the soul and guides through the Dark Nav.
Immerse yourself in the states under the leadership of the Holy spirit guides in native communities of Faith, one reaches the deep wisdom, inner happiness and seizes his destiny.
Second, it Slavlenie, access to native gods five times a day or performing Koloslovo. Fivefold Slavlenie traditionally performed in each family of Orthodox Rodnoverie is reading prayers before going to bed at dawn and before every food intake.
We have already said that their mental images people create the world around you — it is his duty — you put Rod-originator. In order to do this well, we need to rely on a verbal statement — a prayer. In Native Faith (Native Orthodox Faith) prayer (word) which is constantly repeated and pronounced in a circle, called — koloslovo.
Koloslovo — is uttering the names of God and setup man to a higher vibration Bozhskoe Spirit. At the same time, this particular statement and mental images, accompanied by the words and shows Vsebogu what it wants people. Every word — is the sound and the power, and the holy word (God's name), this is — divine power, which is a direct manifestation of the Almighty, and helps us to be the creator of your reality.
Because each circle prayer strengthens some part of the universe. According to Orthodox tradition Rodnoverie read three laps prayers.
First round — it thanks, glorification and union with God of Gods, it helps strengthen and support due to the highest world is governed. At the same time it is a constant setting and union with the highest sound of the Almighty Spirit, constant zeal, a sense of God's willingness to fulfill his destiny.
The second circle is the glory of Rod-originator of strengthening Generic Ohnište — Spiritual Power Rusyns, that is, the strengthening of our common spiritual unity and strength. Universe — this is generic Ohnište, Vedogon Svarog, who always lit on the Rock-Alatyr (World Center).

Second round — is a concrete manifestation of the embodiment with the Light of God, what is necessary for the kind of (people). So we always do great good for the hundreds of thousands and millions, which helps us fill the divine grace.
Third round, with the Family Fire — a prayer for myself and my family. Generic Ohnište consists of shower — sparks burning their total produce large flame. Therefore, it is believed that the body ognischanina and his house — a temple of God, in which he is filling it with spiritual and physical strength. With the third round koloslova, Rodnoverie develops his body and soul a simple statement that it already has. Thus, by Bozhsky promise in the world and, in accordance with its laws, people do get what they want.
Reading circle prayers are with vervitsy, which has a 64 beads. The number 64 symbolizes the Rod, the total number of its dimensions, the full range of creation, and therefore the number of ancestors of each of us in the 7th generation. Thus, we are opening a path to the seventh heaven, to our great ancestors — the God of Lugano Svarog, the highest spiritual abode of God.
Third, it obryadodeyaniya, participation in the calendar, age and life-affirming rituals. The word "ceremony" in modern language is translated as "a number", "about right", that is "on the mode." Rite — are actions that reproduce heavenly harmony.
The ritual can not be arbitrary, every action has a ritual sequence and time-and place of influence. Each ritual acts of a re-creation of the segment-creation, a sequence of actions that produce the gods during the birth of the World.
In the rite is always internal and external parts. Inner secret essence lies in the peculiarities obryadodeya spiritual state, its internal relations with the Gods. It manifests itself in the divine sense of the course of the ceremony and the special nuances of the meeting. The external part — is a certain proverbial form, open to all.
Take part in ceremonies Native Faith can all Slavs, but should always be understood that without the ideological transition, without realizing cheerful, sunny creed Native Faith rites remain poorly understood set of actions and movements. The ritual can be dangerous in the hands of the ignorant, to bring them great harm because of management rite should be taken with a deep knowledge of the Slavs destination.
Slavic rites Faith saved Magi-The Guardian, in its content and the secret of the people in the outer manifestation. Performing rites Native Faith large number of Slavs is the guarantee that our mental images will be implemented with greater force.
Thus, we set out three important components of Slavic spiritual zeal, or spiritual practice: Sacred Silence and Slavlenie Obryadodeyanie. Every soul is the essence of a closer of these. But only in the unity they allow people to express themselves, to become the master of his destiny. Spiritual practice aims to help our people and every Slav in particular return to the state to get rid of the Boss and the state of the victim, in which transformed chuzheverie Slavs.

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