Run away from the army recruits

Run away from the army recruitsOf the units of the Western Military recruits are fleeing neighborhood. They run on the way to the unit. Run, not spending the day on the ground and parts. They run without taking the oath. Accomplices in the shoots often serve ancestors who recruits blackmailed by telephone suicide. According to the "Fontanka", in the last two weeks willfully left their part five.

After a week in Russia ends the spring conscription campaign. West military District states on the implementation of the plan for more than 90%. But spring-2011 indicates that it is not enough to simply type the required number of recruits: according to statistics, the population of the draft-third ill, third has the right to delay — they still need to keep within the boundaries of the. And far not all run out of the army because of bullying, there are occasions when a rookie makes tear, not even reaching the part.

Absence without leave (no more than 3 days), and even desertion (no more than 10 days in order to evade the service) is not unique to the military. They were, are and will at all times. But recent actions alarming own mass scale. At the same time, this phenomenon is typical in the main western part of the country. In Siberia, Baikal, in the Far East, the military, usually quiet are serving. And that's designed from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Surrounding towns suddenly staged a mass sprint. Not related among themselves, called from various locations and serving in some parts, 6 of the Western Military recruits neighborhood, as if by agreement, in fact in one time left the area of military units.

June 30 from a / h 67679 — 221 is a combined arms training ground near the village of Kirillovskoe Leningrad — left 20-year-old Victor Leshukov. As told to "Fontanka" Svetlana Utkin from the human rights organization "Soldiers' mothers Petersburg" for soldiers of the Vologda region came ancestors, who almost stole it from the local part. July 5 fugitive together with his mother and "mother" turned in to the authorities of the St. Petersburg garrison. Then they told that the average time for Leshukov own Short-Service (was called May 23) was subjected to humiliation by colleagues. At the moment this information is verified. Serviceman himself is on a compilation pt for the military voluntarily left their part, made on the basis of the Military Engineering Institute.

Regular soldier — Valery Furaev — June 30 also left the accommodation / h 02511 in the village Sapernoe Priozersky district. Was the first soldier to human rights defenders, and then to the military prosecutor's office. Furaeva sent a battalion of military support of the Military Medical Academy to undergo medical examination, but from there he escaped. As told to "Fontanka" Aunt Lena soldier, the first escape Valeria forced hazing, the second — cunning military doctors who instead doctoral committee summoned the officers of the heaters. According to Lena, her nephew is currently in hiding with relatives not communicate, he is depressed, confused, and no one believes. He told them about how his colleague June 30 jumped out of the window 3 floors. Sam Furaev links this case with the "bullying", but, according to "Fontanka", in the blood of the ordinary was found by a drug. The young man remained alive at the present time with a brain injury is in the 442nd military hospital. In this incident is also being tested. Himself soldier explained to the investigators what happened up wanting to fly robin, and drug him Tipo someone poured on his way to the part — he came to in / h 02511 on June 29.

Episodes escape from the armed forces of many. It is possible that "Fontanka" only has information about some of them. May 13 soldier Cyril Rodchev escaped from the army, even before reaching it. He was taken to Kamenka on the train, and at one of the stops at the last second, he jumped onto the platform. He was detained on the same day at Petrogradka. It turned out that the road to the army, he realized that he was called illegally, so I decided to run. In the true time He also runs the military-medical commission for collecting Fri VITU. In parallel Rodchev applied to the tribunal to contest own call.

July 1, Private Alexander left in / h 90450 stationed in the village of Lakeside Lomonosov district. Test results in connection with his message on izymatelstvah he waits on a compilation Fri Military Academy of Logistics and Transport. According to human rights activist Svetlana Utkin, for the service has been damaged more than 100 blows to the head. June 25th inductee did not get to the part because at the station at one point he became ill with a heart. From the military hospital of the young man took my mother, who felt that her son is no cure, and transferred him to civilian clothes clinic. At the request of the military to return an ordinary lady responds negatively.

In Pskov ordinary mom Alexis Kvasova took part of their own offspring, after he lay in the hospital with purulent pneumonia. According Utkin, doctors recommend bezotstupno unhealthy vacation after discharge, but the unit command refused to provide it due to the fact that the division of leaves of absence and vacations were canceled at the time. June 24 Kvasova mom took away the offspring.

At the current time for all events is checked military investigative agencies. The Administrative Commission created and commanded WEST. Fugitives connects voedinyzhdy besides the fact that they all left the part before taking the oath, and therefore did not have access to weapons, and the responsibility for running them threatens the least, than it would be if they took an oath of loyalty to the Motherland. Each case of absence without leave should be considered separately — someone running because of "neustavnyaka" someone is psychologically unprepared for sudden change of lifestyle. In the latter category, by the way, which previously controlled political officer, and later the closure of educational work, who watched the spiritual state of the military and the perceived fit measure. Now, when the post is eliminated, and in a new form of armed forces emerged civilian psychologists (usually young graduates of high schools), the soldier simply nowhere else to turn for help. It is planned that the educational role will take the NCO corps, but they still do not like — just as long as they are recruited for training. The soldiers have also run at this time. And yet, unable to cope with the difficulties, adult men write text messages to their mothers, threatening to commit suicide if they do not take away from the army. As they say human rights activists in the coming week to 5 tearful women who have received such messages.

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