Russian mothers protect kids abroad

Passed the era of stagnation, the government simply did not have the physical ability to protect the interests of each of their own people abroad. People who have found themselves on the wrong side of state borders for one reason or another, are often caught in a very difficult situation in which their rights have been violated to the maximum. Authorities of the countries in which the Russian people appear difficulties often shrugged and were that acts against the Russians carried out in the framework of local laws, and therefore all of its tasks let them decide through the local courts, the solution of which, for obvious reasons, was predicted.

Now the problem, at first glance, began to take its decision. Russian diplomacy system tries to track down the true fate of his own people who are in a difficult situation in the relevant area of zabugornogo or other countries. But now the Russian diplomacy is often faced with the wall of the true political, economic or judicial lawlessness which focused on the Russians and their babies, who were abroad.

Almost every week from abroad comes the information that in one way or another country suffered at the hands of new parents or else the decision of the judiciary kids who were born in the Russian Federation and by fate was beyond. In the near future in the information bulletins are increasingly began to appear about the ordeals of Russian people Finland. Finnish guardianship with a suspicious systematically continue to hold very obscure, and more precisely, the illegal policy of withdrawal of Russian babies have mothers who live in the adjacent country with Russia.

Only in the near future, according to the public organization "Russian mother," in Finland with local custody to mothers was divorced 51 children. The figure is really scares because we are talking only about Finland. If it is extrapolated to all foreign countries, it turns out that the relationship with Russia once a year lose hundreds of Russian kids in different countries of the world.

Recent stories in the resonance Finland related 2-Russian ladies Albina Kasatkina and Anastasia Zavgorodnev. Anastasia and Albina kids away guardianship, fearing for the fact that Russian mothers will educate them in a manner unusual for Finland. For non-standard Finland manner of education officially sounds like a complete ban on at least some physical punishment for the kid. On the informal side, too, is to talk, but first need to remind readers that still spodviglo Finnish supervisors mothers and young babies away from their mothers.

The fact that the teacher of the school in the Finnish town of Vantaa Mrs. Romppanen once said to the guardianship of the "terrible event." Said Romppanen, one of her students told her about my father slapped her Myagenko place for a small offense. Then the situation turned into a phantasmagoria. Bodies of maternal and youth of the town of Vantaa agreed that Veronica (the name girlfriend, open up with a very watchful teacher) in the family are beaten, and therefore an urgent need to remove the baby. Law enforcement agencies Suomi went even further and made the most realistic special operation that led to the shock Zavgorodnev Anastasia, her husband Ehab Ahmed Zaki (Finnish citizen of Sudanese origin), toddlers, and even neighbors. Law enforcement officers went to the very real assault on the family home Zaki Ahmed and seized from their parents without any judgment of their kids: two-year and six-year old Veronica dvoyashek. But this sotssluzhbe and the police seemed not enough, and they decided to forward a pregnant Anastasia Zavgorodnev behind bars pending clarification of events. After Anastasia gave birth to the same baby taken away from a citizen of Finland and Russia, although the initial assurances of social services, the kid had to give to my mother.

But excuse me, gentlemen Finnish police officers and social welfare services: if you are not alert to the best teacher Romppanen had reported to you that the kid slapped, I'm sorry, on the ass father, Anastasia got to do with …

This outrage Finnish side comments in the usual style — with admirable composure, it was all done in full accordance with the Finnish rule of law. Amazing rule of law in Suomi. Excellent still not arrested janitor which sweeping the street in the vicinity of the particular family home Zavgorodnev Zaki Ahmed at a time when the head of the family chastised her daughter for a fact that he had not looked out the window and did not report, which should be here … I really, dirty linen in public …

Not a lot of press and Finnish Finnish upper management to allow themselves to criticize the position of, numerous representatives of which point to the blatant violence in the address Russians and outrageous violation of the rights of both herself, and her children.
In the works included the Russian Foreign Ministry, which relies on the fact that the official will go to Helsinki convergence and will allow children to stay with my mother, and not be reincarnated as orphans in the presence of their parents. To business joined Russian legislators and representatives of human rights organizations.

Now Anastasia Zavgorodnyaya filed for registration of all his children Russian citizenship. Such an argument, we hope, sobering effect on the Finnish authorities.

The story of the withdrawal of Russian mothers with babies in Finland had found its continuation in relation to the other and Russian citizen Albina Kasatkina. In her case, social services took away two children: Lucas (a citizen of the Russian Federation and Finland) and Vivian (Finnish citizenship). The motif of the separation of children with the same mother: Tipo it educates them with assault and battery. At this time the kids just took the kindergarten Finnish social workers and taken Lucas and Vivian once in foster care … That's — just quiet and Finnish …

This article has been imposed on the discussion about the official version of the withdrawal of Russian mothers with babies in Finland. But the official version gives much less answer questions than the unofficial version. In 1-x if all the matter in appeal to the ruthlessness of the children, then why do against hundreds of Finnish families do not apply a similar practice? Why even after the murders of the 1st of Finnish citizens of their own kids, they tried, but did not deny parental rights in relation to other available to their kids? ..

Maybe the point is that behind all the Finnish legal orgy is not the issue of protecting kids, and the obvious desire to erase the values of classical family in the broad awareness of the word. When the country is about 38% of the voters in the presidential election vote for a gay candidate, then what about the same moral values in Suomi can generally be discussed. Penetrate, 38% of Finns fully encourage same-sex affairs, and is ready to admit that the kids in this country just as the material needed for the continuation of the same-sex kind of … European "norms" are those in which the classic domestic order, where a father and a mother, already is not in place. The same social services to more profitable to transfer foreign kids in same-sex families in which children "teach tolerance" … With all this, any reception family, among which more families with 2 or dads with 2 (or even 3-) mothers, gets out of the Finnish treasury of about 3,000 euros per month for each adopted child. And in fact, when the baby's "careful" same-sex ancestors lead out to the gay parades, where a motley mass of half-naked and not only shows special "educational" attributes, but still not the same, but so will rock protruding buttocks, social services did
not behold the reprehensible . But in a classical education with punishments and rewards social workers behold the terrible danger to their own moral decay of society euros.

Hunt hope that Russian authorities will be able to find an adequate response and build a clear line of protection for the children of their own people who are outright malice on the part not only of justice, and social services in foreign countries. In the unlikely event the prevailing value system obviously perverse disposition will impose Russians not only abroad, and on this side of the Russian border.

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