Rymashevski lustration Lukashenko, NPP

December 5 visited Grodno presidential candidate Vital Rymasheuski, a representative of the Belarusian Christian Democracy. One of the residents of Grodno after the meeting said, "Thank you for the courage and truth."

The main meeting was held with voters from 10 to 12 in the auditorium of the Regional Philharmonic. Then he went to the flea-market South to mingle with entrepreneurs. Was scheduled another meeting. On the morning came dozens of people of all ages, they are worthy of different persons, the desire for change in Belarus.

Vitaly Rymashevski spoke from the stage, decorated white-red-white flags BCD. "Since this government understands only force," he urged the audience to be together, said the Belarusians need to learn solidarity, learn to protect each other. He also called for written to independent observers, to be able to observe the actions of election commissions. Vitaly Rymashevski said appealed to Lukashenko that he himself volunteered, asking forgiveness from the people …

The presidential candidate said Grodno: "No Rymashevski and no one else will make you happy, as long as you say, this is my city, why should sit on the Executive Committee appointed by the people? I am sure that among you there are a lot of people who are more worthy, who can defend his hometown, to do good deeds. As long as you do not say, this is my city, I will be actively involved in politics here, I will fight for justice, I will defend their city and those people, who live here, so far nothing has changed. We need to overcome your fear and say that this country belongs to me, each of those who are sitting in this room. That's when we win and be our Grodno and Belarus. "

Vitaly Rymashevski received from Grodno many questions asked of former political prisoner, retirees, construction foreman, teacher, manager of the company, a student, a young musician. For questions came as the head of the veteran organization, boasted that represents nine thousand people, and a couple of members of the Youth Union.

The guests were interested in, such as: "Do not you think that the square in Minsk on December 19 could be a provocation and how you want to protect yourself from them?" Provocation may be, has agreed to a presidential candidate, they will organize the security services, they come in plain clothes drunk. This will create a squad to ensure order, will talk with the police the day before. If crowded rallies, provocation is usually small because provocateurs fear when a lot of people, he said.

Another question — "Not going to the presidential candidates to make an attempt to get to the popular assembly of Lukashenko?" No, this meeting will not let anyone, Vitaly Rymashevski recalled that at the last election there tried to get Alexander Kozulin, who was severely beaten for it. Presidential Candidate recalled: "At the time of this meeting in the capital, near the central station will be a meeting at which voters will come to the meeting with the candidates. This will be an alternative meeting with people, and break through to the" Khural "does not make sense." One of those who will participate in the "Khural", came to the Saturday meeting with Rymasheuski in Minsk and shouted that Kurapaty povyryvats need all the crosses. Hall was outraged, said the presidential candidate.

"Are the lustration in Belarus and what would be the fate of Alexander Lukashenko?" Vitaly Rymashevski said that he was against lustration. But officials who have committed crimes must be brought to justice, he said, adding: "I do not think that we do for Lukashenko exception. A lot of these sixteen years made an exception for him. Before the law will be equal to all, including it as an ordinary citizen for all crimes will be responsible. A revenge? I am against revenge. According to the law will be judged. "

Grodno interested sensitive issue — the construction of nuclear power plants in the region — in Ostrovetsky area. The answer from the mouth of a presidential candidate sounded as follows: "In the current government we by no means impossible to build a second Chernobyl, because that todaySchnee construction is not controlled, and it carries the risk of a second accident. Belarusians were never asked. In all normal countries held a referendum or even the local people are asking: do you agree or not? And we are rude: no one has asked all done in secret, with no control. You can not build a nuclear power plant in operation today. In the future, you need to think well — to the extent practicable? "

Vitaly Rymashevski and former political prisoner Alexander Vasilyev (left)

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