S-300 Favorite Lupita Cabana and Swift» spot

S-300 "Favorite" beats "Cabana" and "Swift» spotYearly practical shooting connections defense held at the Astrakhan Ashuluk range. Kola air defense missile crews connection in a matter of Minutka against air attack ballistic and cruise missiles, conventional enemy. In the language of military missile exercises are referred to as "air-firing Conference."

Anti-aircraft missile firing pass on the range of 120 to 38 km. S-300 are aimed fire missiles at military training targets.

"Each goal has a real layout:" Wild boar "absolutely repeats flight ballistic missiles and stormed from near stratosphere. Target "Swift" and "Armavir" reproduce a trajectory strike cruise missiles ", — told reporters, Vice-Chief of the Russian Air Force Maj. Gen. Victor Cooper.

He further revealed that during the exercise, apart from the main firing, and worked outshooting "On the run".

S-300 "Favorite" beats "Cabana" and "Swift» spot

The maneuver is that on the instructions of the installation command to rapidly change the place of dislocation and the latest position of the air assault target.

According to the military command in the current year for the crews increased the number of targets and at times reduced the time for their defeat: one target should be done within 2-minutes. Another characteristic of the current exercise is that the number of connections at the site of previous shooting increased twice.

According to the head of anti-aircraft missile troops of the Air Force of the Armed Forces, Major General Sergei Popov is due to the fact that in 2009, all the connections Defense Forces run to the state unchanged battle readiness.

The exercises at the site Ashuluk was launched 23 missiles at 10 targets-targets. Over the course of the exercise was monitored by representatives of the air defense forces of our allies — Kazakhstan and Belarus.

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