S-500 will go into production in 2014

S-500 will go into production in 2014

The S-500 is under development to be launched into mass creation in 2014. Earlier, the military wants to start time-intensive to operate the S-400 "Triumph". In March, on combat duty in the CFR to intercede second regiment C-400, which will change the outdated S-300. Military experts estimate substitution as a positive step, but say with all this, the pace of development of the missile leaves much to be desired.

Information about the launch of a series of S-500 shared with reporters, Lieutenant-General Valery Ivanov, commander of the OSK VKO.

"The S-500 is in development. Since 2014 it has to be launched in the series, "- said the commander.

"Anti-aircraft missile regiment of S-400 is already the middle of March to intercede in the suburbs near Dmitrov on alert. New types of air defense go to the defense of Moscow and our central industrial area "- also said Ivanov.

As is known, first regiment kitted S-400 has taken up duty in 2009 in Elektrostal near Moscow.

According to Ivanov, most recently, the adoption of new weapons will be an all-encompassing process. "We used to perceive it (the S-400) separate standards for appliances division, the starting installation, but now everything is taken for the first time in a complex — a regiment," — said Ivanov, adding that this Saturday, February 19 at the landfill Kapustin Yar ceremony reception on arms regimental sets of S-400. "This is the second regiment of the AAMS With-400 in the suburbs. There will be two divisions, each with eight launchers. So Makar will be replaced outdated equipment standards ", — assured the commander.

While the C-400 will have the exclusive protection in the suburbs of the capital of the region and Moscow. In order to protect the capital of the Russian air strikes must have at least 3-4 regiments of S-400 "Triumph". "In order to ensure the effectiveness of anti-aircraft defense of Moscow, you need more than three or four regiments of S-400. This will be done in the years 2016-2020 "- presented Gen.-Lieutenant.

Colonel-General Viktor Esin, retired last chief of the Head of Staff of the Strategic Rocket Forces of the Russian Federation mission believes that such substitution is certainly a positive step, but the "timing is very high."

"In general, Moscow — protected the city, but a massive missile attack it will not stand. Moscow is protected not only with the S-400 or With-300. The main element of the defense of Moscow and Central regions of Russia is a strategic missile defense system A-135, put on duty in 1995. Complexes only reinforce this system, "- said military expert Esin.

In conversation with General Ivanov told reporters that the C-400 stationed in the Moscow area are also able to solve the puzzles of non-strategic missile defense.

But Esin said that oh so time non-strategic missile complex will be able to shoot down without any particular problems of a big question whether he will be as easy to cope with strategic missiles. "The strategic missile can intercept intercontinental ballistic missiles or warheads that are separated. In other words, missile shoots down a rocket, going at a speed of 4.5 kilometers per second. I would hesitate state that the S-400 can shoot down strategic missiles, "- identified Esin.

Asked about the prospects for the creation of the next TMD CIS Commander Ivanov expressed confidence that "the defense of the CIS will be held in the near future, but first we need to address issues in a complex defense Moscow, its cover-up. " "PRO CIS — is a matter of the near future" — so said the general.

Esin, in turn, again criticized the words of Ivanov. "The talks on missile defense CIS conducted not so long ago, and it is too early to draw conclusions. Announced only ideology that such a system is needed. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev holds wants to merge with its neighbors, but it will take time, unfortunately, the rate on the formation of defense behind the want. Ivanov says on the second shelf of the C-400 as about the future prospects and that makes me wary. Need to speed up, if we want to build in 2020 a robust system of missile defense. Not to say that the pace of a turtle, but they are not sufficient. Need to catch up soon "

S-500 will go into production in 2014

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