Saddam’s Iraq / Inside Saddam’s Iraq Watch online

Saddam's Iraq / Inside Saddam's Iraq Watch online
We offer a documentary series History Channel, which is based on the belief of its founders, analyzes the actions that took place in Iraq over the last 30 years. The final episode is devoted to Iraq without Saddam — He is aware of the major political groups and the central figures in Iraq now, and notes signs that history repeated. After the First World War, Britain did modern Iraq. Now America is committed to "re-division of the country." Is it possible to achieve stability in the criteria of religious and ethnic divisions? Do not secure the current Iraq more than the former? What will the "output" U.S. strategy — and who will be the new good neighbors of the new Iraq?

1 series: Creation and the collapse of the dictator

Episode 2: Carrot and stick

3 series: From a friend to the enemy

Episode 4: Redistribution country

Modern history

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